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Healing Morchok and Warlord Zon'ozz {WoW}

Dec 2nd 2011 10:50PM Did this on raid finder, not attempting Dragon Soul on normal until next week. What did worry me on raid finder was that as Discipline in around FL normal quality gear I still found raid damage hella stressful. I only swapped spec from Holy a fortnight ago but now feel I might be needing to go back to it. Any Discos out there who feel this fight is still fine?

The Queue: Almost 7 years since release {WoW}

Nov 21st 2011 12:23PM Never go full rasta.

All the World's A Stage: Plot points for Cenarion Circle druids {WoW}

Oct 24th 2011 2:58AM Druid of the Light, you say?

Tauren Priests and Paladins are exactly that!

New character models are in the works {WoW}

Oct 23rd 2011 10:24AM Not sure if this has been highlighted already but I don't think it is overly optimistic to expect them at MoP's release.

That might sound crazy but look at it this way: we've seen Pandaren animation for the Monk class. Thing is, apart from Goblins and Worgen every other race can be a Monk. Spinning kick, dive roll etc... these are not existing animations for current races, but they will need animations for those abilities for when MoP launches. I get the feeling that they'd rather implement a new swathe of cool animations for the flagship class of MoP along with new, shiny models too.

Around Azeroth: No one expects the Dark Iron Dwarves! {WoW}

Sep 27th 2011 10:44AM I make Doctor Who references now. Doctor Who references are cool.

Tuesday Morning Post: Timelords Edition {WoW}

Sep 20th 2011 6:57AM Most companions leave the TARDIS with their lives irrevocably changed, and not always for the better. Rory left with an awesome new car.

If you're not a fan of Rory Williams is the New Chuck Norris on Facebook yet you really should be.

Shifting Perspectives: Balance druid feedback {WoW}

Sep 17th 2011 6:02AM So those who want rid of Moonkin form shouldn't be given a choice because already made one...

But you didn't know about the Eclipse mechanic when you picked Balance and as a result feel entitled to having it removed?

Do you see the contradiction?

Some people, though I'm sure they are in the minority, may have not known about moonkin when they chose balance. Others, like me, may have been balance before Moonkin was implemented (for what little it was worth back then).

Not having a go at you but felt I had to highlight that.

WoW Moviewatch: How to Win at PVP 2 {WoW}

Aug 22nd 2011 11:36PM Tis the most noble path...

And one you do not walk alone.


(Though I do find myself partial to the occasional abuse of typhoon too)

Blizzard drops "Glimpses" screenshot with 3 unknown NPCs -- possible patch or expansion hint? {WoW}

Aug 11th 2011 1:14PM Was that... Was that a reference to Eagles Are Turning People Into Horses?!

Know Your Lore: The mysterious connection between spirit healers and the Val'kyr {WoW}

Jun 19th 2011 8:31PM In that quest it is Shamanic magic that puts us in the Spirit Realm.

The Lich King remarks he was once a shaman, in as much as Ner'zhul was.

There is often discussion/speculation on the fabled Fifth Element, suggestions that it is the force of the wild, of life, of nature.

Well... I guess you can see the tangent I'm spinning off on.

That said, they don't LOOK like elementals.