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Everyone is hardcore in their own way {WoW}

Apr 30th 2008 8:44PM I'm a noob, leveling a rogue.
I want to try all instances with an appropiate team of 5, in the right level...

...but 5 or 6 level up later, i have a lot of fun soloing an instance, just when i have enough high level to finish it (mostly with stealth) but they are still green, and they give me exp for it :D

I's like ending a game, alone. I love it, and al my gear is blue :D

15 Minutes of Fame: Inside PvP twinking {WoW}

Apr 25th 2008 5:53PM -When you BG at lvl 70, you do to win fun, and to win gear... or whatever.
Me, as a lvl 70 character with green gear, will get blue gear soon, and i will reach a "enough" gear level to survive and to play for fun.

-When a lvl 70 uses his huge gold pool to create a twink and BG at lvl 19, full of great gear and enchants, you play only for fun, and to play with your twink-friends against enemy twinks.
Me, as a lvl 19 noob character can't do nothing except avoid the BG's and keep upgrading my experience towards lvl 70.

One of the points here is that the difference between a noob 19 with greens and a twink 19 is FAR GREATER than the difference between a PvP gladiator lvl 70 and a PvE lvl 70.

And if the twinks only play for fun (not for honor or better gear pvp gear) they should play with and against other twinks, so the game would be more fun and more balanced for both twinks and no twinks...
...unles the fun in a twink is to ownage green's non stop with a 2 hit combo.

[1.Local]: This week in WoW Insider comments {WoW}

Apr 25th 2008 5:32PM One think i'd love to seen in wowinsider is a debate about why is still the game with so many graphical and animation glitches, like:
-jumping on water...
-walking "sliding" on the ground while the animation of a spell is not over yet...
-Summon a mount creates a cloud of dust, but cancel is a 1 frame spell without any visual effect...
...and so on.

3 years of updates and nearly 2 expansions, and we will have new haircuts but a lot of graphical glitches have not been corrected.

15 Minutes of Fame: Inside PvP twinking {WoW}

Apr 22nd 2008 4:37PM I HATE twinks for 2 reasons:

-It's impossible for a low level who is passing through to kill them, so it's NOT FUN for us to join a battleground at low levels. I'm missing a big part of the game because i can't play battlegrounds until i reach 70 with my main.

-And the games are decided only by "Twinks", so the team who gets more twinks in will win. We no-twinks usually are a dead weight for them.

I wanted to propose to blizzard that the battleground join option should "count" the power of your gear, and then put all twinks in it's own battleground, and the low-levels in other instances of battlegrounds.

That would be fun for us, and fun for twinks.