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Guildwatch: "officers dont do officers like u did" {WoW}

Apr 28th 2008 3:55PM you would seriously hate for me to tell you how i truly feel of your pathetic TRY at lawyers/trials/and cases. Stick to your writing actually I cant wait to see you in person. This should be a treat, OMG the visions i have in my head.

You really think poking your head up and naming your education intimidates me, you really are messed up. As far as looking up the law dont need to, i was with her when she hired attorney. and for lack of what you think, he is not just out of law school LOL that is so funny!! Slander is slander no matter where its done at. All these people on here stirring the pot with thoughts like that must be really jealous that there mom is not close to them, as all parents should be to there kids, boy or girl.

There is tons of mothers and kids playing this game, thank GOD for you, you dont have the privilege of meeting them. Heck I even know a couple of dad and sons nothing wrong with it, that dont make them a couple. Nor has it with druid and her son. a name you certainly cant spell.

I will never stop taking up for them. You guys tried to gang up on her over a Gay stud that is jealous he no longer in a guild that apparently you all hate, and I so hope i never see you or them in any game setting.

This became off topic way long ago, when grammar checks got involved but re check a few more on here and tell me how many you missed. They dont matter just shows how double standard are idiot you are. NOW Take your so called education and shove it where the sun dont shine!

Guildwatch: "officers dont do officers like u did" {WoW}

Apr 28th 2008 2:47PM Again, you numb nuts that was the raid shakkra deny's knowing was kof kara run. thats the screen shot of on goings from the Blooming idiot shakkra, What i really wish, was shakkra lived close to me, we handle this the way things should be handled. but instead the idiot hides like you behind his monitor shouting out slurrs, that he trys to make a huge deal out of. Surprisingly he must of liked the guild awhole lot more than he plays to keep trying to bother them with the likes of him.

As far as this being jathar I thank GOD you was no detective for me, cause you definately fail. You suck at more but thats the best thing i seen you write yet. First I was krazy, now i am jathar LOL Suspense killing you so you need to make up what you think.. Please dont do much thinking no more just makes you look even worse to some of us. As a matter of fact its humorous!

[1.Local]: This week in WoW Insider comments {WoW}

Apr 28th 2008 1:17PM since i doubt you could find this on your own. LET Me point you to
the laws on harrassment since you are extremely stupid. they will be
subpoenaing all the log from this article.

but here is the law so you think its a joke lol.....

Anonymous Internet Harassment Federal Crime

Internet harassment, the anonymous kind, is now a federal crime.

The Communications Act of 1934 criminalizes anonymous harassment by a
telecommunications device. Congress recently amended the law to
criminalize anonymous harassment via the Internet

If someone is blogging or commenting anonymously about a private
citizen in an “obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, or indecent”
manner ” with intent to “annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass,” it
is actionable, according to the new law.

Guildwatch: "officers dont do officers like u did" {WoW}

Apr 28th 2008 10:59AM You can assure your apology meant nothing to me, you owe me nothing its owed druid, and how all of you have hounded her on this article in game and out. if you are truly saying you was only on this name i have to accept it. but it will all come out in long wash.

What i will say, is you trying to bash my grammatical errors and to embarrass me it didn't work. as you can see no one types perfect without errors. so what was the point in that, not one person here seemed to have a issue reading what i typed. it was just a way to say more useless crap.

and for the record you have no idea if I am adult or not. assumption can get you in trouble. either way what i am and who i am is none of your business. you guys put them on here for public display and none of you are smart enough to leave them alone.

So as far as you saying sorry to me, keep it and if you really want to give one out give it to the one everyone of you was trying to degrade. As for shakkra, not one person looked at the reality the guy got his loot, he was booted for other reasons, one he still cant leave that guild alone, two he still acts like he is dying cause he was removed. Had any of you been there you would of known.

One more tidbit of hint to everyone here, everything you have been saying to her in whispers, in open lobby chat, and outside to other members who tell whats been said to her, are all kept in records and reported as a open file for blizzard. so keep up the good job, are you hurting her very much so, do you care HELL NO. I just hope for all the fun you created here, it was well worth defending a trouble maker who is still causing trouble for her and guild. Shakkra i know you will read this, and i am telling you. if you so abused for being kicked get over it. it was gm's guild he has a right to remove anyone he see's fit. you was one and I think it was a wise choice. and if you keep up harrassing her and him or the guild you will only be digging yourself further than what you have already.

So for you ikkaran, shakkra, ordnance, owenn, and citizens you 4 know what your doing. So does alot of other people. get a guild of your own and run yours as you see fit. but leave these people alone. you feel tough behind your monitor but in fact your cowards for your actions toward them.

Guildwatch: "officers dont do officers like u did" {WoW}

Apr 28th 2008 9:23AM keep up your postings, you are all going to see who gets the last laugh!

Guildwatch: "officers dont do officers like u did" {WoW}

Apr 28th 2008 9:19AM whats even more funnier, is how you created a name to present her, when you supposedly hate her so much. I think thats the best thing you will have to explain when the shit hits the fan. Keep your games coming.
*shovel in hand digging your hole yet* lol

Guildwatch: "officers dont do officers like u did" {WoW}

Apr 27th 2008 4:32AM what i have on hand at moment i be willing to show anyone is what they keep doing to this guild. now anyone who cares to see it just say where to send to be more than happy to show the proof. but these guys keep doing things out of guild just imagine what it was like with them in guild. but they wonder why they got the g/kicked.

Guildwatch: "officers dont do officers like u did" {WoW}

Apr 27th 2008 2:35AM O you knew this comment was coming, so why the hell you worried. look at your profile how new it is, funny you only been here commenting on people you have no idea of. As far as for your little buddies playing your game with you, it will not last, i mean as is shakkra's love ordnance is already trying to call up cit and take him to the zoo lol. Shakkra not even sound in his relationship muchless guilds. You guys changed your names so many times and got your buddies to comment on here til its utterly ridiculous what pisses you off the most is there are those still no matter what you have done and said are staying with the guild.

O and take shakkra's advice that was give in kara again last nite, not everything on this game is secret. some know alot more than you are saying or coming out with here.

Guildwatch: "officers dont do officers like u did" {WoW}

Apr 26th 2008 9:52AM For anyone who would like to see proof, since thats the big deal here lmao. how many care to see yet again innocent shakkra running once more in our kara raid with other members that have been g/kicked.

and telling some guildies he didnt know it was our raid, got called on it. then said didnt know until tonight lol. (which was a kodak moment) O and you can see in the screen shots where a ticket was put in on it.

Once everyone really realizes how cruel and trouble shakkra is, you will all see why there was way more to the loot as he claims. and again shakkra you hate KOF but yet your knowingly knew this was our raid from your last message you left here and once again go!

and screen shots your words was "look i dont particularly want or need be nice to kof. jath and druid were dicks to you" remember saying that??? more over what do you think the boot come to you, cause you was and continue attacking the guild and them.

so anyone believing in shakkra were all fools. take them in your guild and watch what happens. Shakkra i am sure your new guild will love to see the screenshots of you knowing you was taking our kara run, intentionally doing it :-).

Guildwatch: "officers dont do officers like u did" {WoW}

Apr 25th 2008 10:42AM Just a update, Why would Shakkra, and (Alt) Myff aka ordnance run in KOF's Kara raid that was already saved for KOF members. Along with other (X) members of this guild? but yet they hate this guild so much!

Kof members ran this raid til they all agreed to save the rest til tomorrow but it was done behind kofs back by Ikkaran

Makes you wonder, why they would even be associated with this guild since they dont like it's Leaders and GM. But of course we know that was just to keep things innocent on shakkra's part.

slick move having all those members that use to be in KOF run the rest of kof raid with there friend Ikkaran.