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Massively's Star Trek Online beta key giveaway {Massively}

Sep 15th 2009 4:46PM Random comment, now please randomly select me!

The Daily Grind: How was Keg End? {Massively}

Jan 3rd 2009 5:52PM Idea:

Final influence reward: A firework with 1 hr cooldown and unlimited uses

also, as mentioned above: Actually getting drunk from drinking a whole keg.

The Daily Grind: Warhammer or Woehammer? {Massively}

Sep 15th 2008 1:51PM I was real happy all day during the launch. Lucky for me my friend called me up at 12:15 to tell me that servers were up an hour early.

BTW if anyone wants to have your character follow another character just type or make a macro with the command "/follow". I don't know why the follow command is still greyed-out in the character menus.

WAR's Public Quests get called anti-social {Massively}

Sep 11th 2008 3:40PM I have found my 8+ hours of playing PQs (actually playing PQs not just 8 hours of the Beta) to be the exact opposite of this rant.

I am a healer, and often get one of the top places because the game takes Healing into account for awarding loot.

As a healer, all I had to do was /say "help" and 3+ DPS and a tank would run over to get a mob off of me, even if I was not grouped with them.

Also, in almost every PQ I ever did, almost everyone formed a single open warband (raid group) and keep it open.

Additionally, influence is not some super-valuable rarity that will temp most people into actively screwing each other over. Anyone that does actively try to max their benefits in a PQ by screwing over everyone else, probably does that in any online situation regardless if it is a PQ or not. They probably even try to screw people over in real life when they think they can get away with it.

While it is true that most people don't chat much during the fifth time they have run about killing trash mobs during stage 1, I have found that people do communicate during the transition to the second stage and during the third stage. for instance the phrases "Everyone group" or "Fall back and meet up" would often be communicated and listened too when stage one ended and stage 2 began.

I have almost never been fighting a trash mob that was gaurding an object on the ground that need to be collected and had another player ninja it from me. Most experience player know to avoid doing this. Perhaps the reason the author of the original rant believes that this happen allot is because he did it to other people and they returned the favor...

Player Consequences: Getting back to Grouping {Massively}

Sep 4th 2008 4:55PM For those that have not yet had a chance to play WAR; the open party grouping system, and public quests are ridiculously good and easy to use. You can open a window and immediately see and search through all groups in the same zone as you. You can automatically join those groups then travel to meet them. Also, public quests are basically PUG raids with out the need to actually PUG. Just by helping out in a public quest you are basically treated as being part of a raid consisting of everyone in the public quest area. You get rewarded for participation (including healing and tanking) and you don't even have to stay to the end to get a reward.

Exclusive WAR in-game item to be released with C&C: Red Alert 3 {Massively}

Sep 3rd 2008 4:43PM I am a CE holder too and I agree with what has been said above. But what if we changed the question?

How would you feel if .... EA offered a special mount, if you sent them a check for $30?

Warhammer Online access details for pre-orders and Collector's Edition {Massively}

Sep 1st 2008 8:45PM I ordered two copies of the CE at the same time from EA, itself, and I received both sets of codes with out any problems. Luckily, I thought ahead and realized that I would be moving in a few months and so I ordered the CE to arrive at my parents house, because I did not yet know the address of my new apartment.

So, I have had no problems with my pre-order.

WAR population heading towards equilibrium, poll suggests {Massively}

Aug 30th 2008 10:25AM Basically, this poll tells us not what the general gaming population will play upon the game's release, but rather it gives us an idea of what the subset of players, who browse the forum all day and are likely to be beta testers, will play.

We don't know anything about what the more casual player, who buys the game for his girlfriend and himself one month after its release, will choose to play.

That is the flaw in self selected surveys.

Arcane Brilliance: The world of Mage-crafting, part 1 {WoW}

Apr 28th 2008 2:42PM For engineering:

Invisibility spell + goblin jumper cables = raid save

Plus, even if the cables don't work no one will yell at you for running away when everyone was dieing.

Drysc reveals new arena season 4 rating requirements and rules {WoW}

Apr 24th 2008 11:17AM Ok time to break out my soap box.

(1) If you can’t get a good team together and win enough and get above 1500, 1800 or what ever rating then you have not earned the top gear. This is just like, if a raiding guild can’t get a good raid together they don’t earn their drops.

(2) People use “I lost because the other team had better gear” way to much. Maybe you lost because the other team is better and more experienced that you. Besides the difference between S1 and S3 gear is not to big. Yes it is better and it adds up, but it is nothing that can’t be mitigated by being a superior player, with teammates that work together.

(3) My 3v3 mage/lock/priest team (not a super-combo by any means) started off playing arena in Karazhan gear and slowly worked our way up to 1800 rating. Yes we lost a lot, but that is how we learned and became better PvPers. People should not expect to jump into arena and in the first few weeks be the best players in their battlegroup, regardless of equipment.

(4) BG – Honor gear should not have an arena requirement associated with it. That is just ridiculous.

(5) There should be no such thing as team ratings, only personal ratings. When a group queues up, the average player rating is used to pair that team against another team. That also prevents high skilled and geared players from creating new lower leveled teams just to beat on 1500 rated players.

(6) With the cycling of S1 -> S2 -> S3 ->S4 … gear blizzards seems to have this situation in mind.

The highest level season gear will only be accessibly by the best players (sorry if your casual all prot war teams never gets here)

The almost all the middle level gear can be earned by spending enough time at BGs and arena. The more skill you have (or develop) the quicker this will go.

The lowest season provides a quick way for new 70s to get PvP gear and start EARNING the higher gear.