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The Queue: RaF'd dailies are delicious {WoW}

Jun 30th 2009 2:51PM RaF is also calculated AFTER BoA items.
10% Shoulders.
300% RaF Bonus when grouped with friend for 90 days/till level 60.
10% Midsummer Festival for 60 minutes (Ribbon) OR 10% Chest Item.

That's 320% increase of XP, not counting Group Bonus/Group Penalty.
ALSO, +armor/stats for the shoulder item, add in netherweave or better bags on a lowbie for keeping vendor trash rotated, add in Herbalism/Mining/Skinning for increased HoT/Stamina/Crit.

Alts never had it so good.

Patch 3.2: Argent Coliseum raid story and encounters, Part 2 {WoW}

Jun 30th 2009 2:45PM @Angrycelt: I envision Thrall sitting there facepalming the whole time.

Garrosh: Insulent human dogs!
Varian: Petulent horde pigs!
Thrall: *facepalm*
Tirion: *facepalm, retirement*
Players: *Pay to change factions to Scourge*

Using WoW for learning in schools {WoW}

Jun 25th 2009 4:04PM "Acquire two different weapons in world used by your character's class. Using the targetting dummies in a capital city, find the average damage over time of each weapon and plot the data on a graph. Try the same experiment again, this time with gear that changes your character's agility, strength, attack power, or other melee-related statistic. Graph the new data. What's the relationship between the statistic you tested and the DPS output?"

That's actually not a bad example for a basic statistics lesson versus "Flip a coin, flip it again, repeat a hundred times... fall asleep. Eat the coin by accident."

I actually do the requested exercise above via a program called Rawr for gear/gem/enchant changes (though with one weapon, Ret paladin after all). Knowing the reason they are getting a set number of DPS is alot better than ROFLPWNIKEELZYOUNOOBLETCAUSEIGOTPRETTYPRETTYPRINCESSARMOR!!

TurpsterVision: FigurePets Unveiling {WoW}

Jun 25th 2009 11:28AM For those wanting an army of Murky... $30 for one murky (if they make him) or $60 for the entire (yet horrible) World of Warcraft board game that includes about 20 of the things in various colors of plastic. Whip out a paint brush. Enjoy "custom" Murky and his friends.

Patch 3.2 brings about Ravasaur mounts, baby dinosaurs, Northrend orphans and more {WoW}

Jun 18th 2009 4:01PM @papermoonshine:
I'd agree except for the extremely long and tedious grind for said Winterspring Tiger. Going to the nearest mount vendor and buying a dinosaur isn't quite the same.

Patch 3.2: Replenishment nerfed, MP5 buffed {WoW}

Jun 18th 2009 3:57PM *Casts Seal of.. wait, Martyr is gone... Command* Aww.. Less DPS, but let's wait for Replenish!
*Replenish Procs at 1%* Whuh? /oom
*Whacks boss with stick, dies horribly from lack of DPS/Mana*

LFG Deadmines, lvl 80 ret Pally :(

Patch 3.2 brings about Ravasaur mounts, baby dinosaurs, Northrend orphans and more {WoW}

Jun 18th 2009 3:54PM So.. a non-faction based horde only mount?
Where's my non-faction alliance only mount?
More importantly, make AQ mounts usable outside AQ.. its only been how many years?

Patch 3.2 upcoming Paladin changes {WoW}

Jun 18th 2009 3:52PM I kind of feel dumbfounded. I play a Ret Paladin, and aside from the glass cannon casters and hunters, I tend to hit top dps FINALLY after major gear, talent, and gem changes. I leveled to 70 as Prot and it was a fight against MAIL WEARING tanks on top of the normal warriors that killed the usefulness of my spec (Further smashed by DKs.. Too many Tanks). So I switched to DPS for Wrath and loved every minute of it.

SoComm was an ok dps seal and I had always been cautious of Martyr's recoil damage, but as others have pointed out, there's a significant increase of DPS on Martyr/Blood over SoComm. A very large one. And the recoil is almost completely ignorable now with JoL and Art of War Flash Heals. How about just remove the recoil completely on SoM/B and give us some damn Librams better than a green quest reward in Borean Tundra? I sadly use the Venture Co. Libram because I deleted my Furious Blows thinking "Northrend Green? Trash!".

As to Exorcism... give it up. Honestly. We didn't really want it in our rotation in the first place. Then it became useful. Then you removed it from PvP. Now you want to add it back with a 1.5s cast time, instant if AoW is procced.... I'm just going to remove it. It was perfect as an instant reactionary cast or even a large pull. It cost a hefty mana fine so its use, on appropriate targets (ie. not QQing noobs with less than 5k life at level 80), worked well.

On a less rant, the melee debuff seems kind of interesting but I feel the pains of my warrior brothers who are seeing this as "Paladin = New Warrior". "In addition, the talent may be more attractive to Protection paladins." -- Then give it to them in their tree and quit screwing with Ret.

Ghostcrawler on the future of 5-mans {WoW}

May 26th 2009 4:19PM Two Words: Heroic. Deadmines.

Patch 3.1.2 goes live today {WoW}

May 19th 2009 1:38PM DPS Ranking:
Rogue - Highest Level Melee DPS/Leather Armor/Dual Wield
Mage - Highest Level RANGED DPS / Cloth
Hunter - 2nd Highest Level RANGED DPS / Leather / Pets
Warrior - Melee DPS/Plate Armor/ Shields/Dual Wield
Shaman - Hybrid Melee DPS/Mail Armor/ Shields/ Totems / Healing
Paladin - Hybrid Melee DPS/Plate Armor/Shields/ Healing

Insert Priest, Warlock, and Druid where applicable (depending on spec).

Each class was/is a niche. Sadly, Rogue seems to have kind of floated along as of late. Each class has its Achilles heal, quit QQing and come up with better tactics rather than roll your face on the keyboard. Death Knight's Death Gripping hunters? Disengage, Rocket Boots (for engineers). Mage blasting you? Stab his eyes out or bash his skull in after a stun. Paladin healing? Interrupted, run down his mana, stun lock him, etc.

PvP a pain? Nerf PvP. Stop nerfing PvE.

From a raiding ret pally, enough already. You add a heroic class taking up both a tanking and dps spot. Then you slaughter our rotation to force Exorcism down our throats and now you want to nerf that too? Jeez... Its bad enough with enough damage I can crit myself to death with Seal of the Martyr as is...

/reroll Druid or Shaman
+200 Rep with Devs.