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The WoW economy code of ethics {WoW}

Jan 31st 2012 3:16AM I'll come out straight and admit I have bought gold in the past; and I take issue with your assumption that 99% of gold comes from hacked sources. Notwithstanding my moral fibre and motivations (I'm a lazy, convinning, cheating piece of scum etc), I think some things need to be cleared up.

First of all, hacking is not a consistent source of gold. Hacking is not like farming, where you can guarantee some form of return. Many people get hacked all the time. Far more people are buying and selling gold, though.

Secondly, if you are selling gold, it is much easier to buy gold from players than to try and hack someone. If you are depending on hacking to generate gold, your customers will soon desert you for other, more reliable sellers. Most gold-selling sites, therefore, will have some mechanism to BUY gold as well.

Lastly, from my experiences buying gold, gold typically comes from other players, who are playing normally and continue to play normally. I have tracked some of the players who passed me gold after I bought it from a site; and several continue to raid, go into dungeons and whatnot. If they have not been harmed, my view is that they are simply trying to cash out some of their excess gold.

Haters hate on!

Lord Ahune strategy and walkthrough {WoW}

Jun 22nd 2008 10:18PM Without a proper strategy, even a decently geared group can wipe repeatedly. On my first try, we had a group of Kara/T4/S1/S2/badge geared players taking him on in heroic mode. On first try, we barely made it through the first wave of hailstones/ adds, partially cos of the unexpected ticking dot on our melees. After 2 more wipes, we decided to try normal mode. Did much better, but possibly because mana issues, dps on frozen core wasn't ideal, and we wiped another 3-4 times at 8%.

Later on, tried it again on normal with a somewhat lesser geared group (dungeon blues, greens), but with a strat, things worked out much better. Essentially, 2 dps on adds, one ranged on elite with tank.

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