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Blood Sport: No scrubs allowed in Season 4 {WoW}

Apr 25th 2008 10:24AM Divisions might help us a lot,too... Just like in sports...

Blood Sport: No scrubs allowed in Season 4 {WoW}

Apr 25th 2008 9:48AM Small addition:

You need T4 level equip (drop/crafted) to even try T5 level content.

You need T5 level equip to even seriously try T6/T6.5 level content.

So you need S1/S3 (or soon S2/S3) level equip to even try to compete with full S4 people.

Not everyone in a raid/team has to. But many should or you will fail.

It makes sense. There's no need to jumpstart people from greens to full S4. Give them S2/S3 and few S4 pieces and teach them patience, discipline!

Blood Sport: No scrubs allowed in Season 4 {WoW}

Apr 25th 2008 9:37AM "How does this change the playing field? In two words? A lot. The good will get better, the bad will get worse, and the mediocre won't be getting anywhere. It is no longer possible to participate in Arenas casually."

If you call Arena Point Leeching playing "casually" then YES, you are right. 5-10% gear difference is NOTHING compared to the 2vs2 imbalance. I do not whine that it could/should be changed, but gear is the secondary factor right now.

Casually means you work between 1500-1750. I had some teams like that. That will be possible just like it is now.

Concerning casuals in BGs: If they are casual, they won't be full vindicator right now. I bet the Vindicator items will be available for those slots where you have a rating req in S4. So they can just continue to grind their S3/S4 honor gear PLUS their nice S2 Arena slot upgrades. They will be busy indeed.

If your setup is so bad that you cannot reach 50-55% win, you should really change that setup. But I've seen Doubleheal at 1560. Triple single class DPS at about 1600. It's not hard to trick some people...

Many classes do not only focus on Arena/Honor gear for Arena for a while now (see, you can get T5 at TTR - guess why). Healers use one or two slots with the highest +heal difference. Many damage dealers prefer Damage Trinkets over Battlmasters. Weapons in general are usually preferred if they have at least a little atamina on them.

Resilience was not increased from S2->S3, still we are heading to cap for everyone with the new 45 res trinket. Full S1 + Vindicator can be upgraded to Full S2 + some Vindicator + some Guardian and some Brutal pieces. After these quick upgrades the difference to full S4(Brutal/Guardian) will be within that 5-10% range. But until you MEET those people with full S4 you have to work yourself to 2000 rating. And guess what... On that way you get both, the points and the required rating.

Right now the difference between full Vengeful/Vindicator and Vengeful/Vindicator with Merciless Shoulders and S1 weapon are fairly trivial for many, many classes (melee will disagree).

I would support ranking gear after a season (probably just S4++ weapon, 5% better stats, unique look, special, slightly better enchants/gems...) and similar ideas to give people a motivation to continue to play. They will not own you because of 5-10% better stats. They will own you because they know how to play.

This change is good. I hope for rating reqs on all items. They can still remove/lower for prior seasons to give people a quickstart.