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Forum post of the day: Vicarious' legend {WoW}

Aug 7th 2008 8:28AM Gratz to him I see nothing wrong with this, people are saying they are stupid for giving it to him are wrong. Why would you give any legendary weapons to someone new to the guild who could just up and leave the next day?

Crushing blows (mostly) removed in Wrath as raiding changes {WoW}

Aug 1st 2008 8:51AM have no fear luds blizzard has anticipated your fear and in turn is nerfing the us itemization wise accordingly. While warriors will get a brand new set of gear to help them at the start of WOTLK because the way you tank is changing.

Druids on the other hand are going to have a fun filled time sharing itemization points with rogues. They are also doing their best to make sure that we will have to chose between bear and cat while fury warriors will be able to tank just as well as us. So lay your fears to rest about losing your spot blizzard has made sure feral druids get screwed really early this time so your spot is safe and guaranteed.

Death Knight Gameplay Video: Unholy PvP {WoW}

Jul 28th 2008 8:23AM He was just showing what PVP as a death knight is like, would you people stop stroking your epeens for one minute and take the video for what it is.

I am happy he took the time to make the video.

Death Knight News: Rune swapping gone, Runeforging to be powerful {WoW}

Jul 23rd 2008 4:20PM "I think it's cool that they are trying to make tanking viable for all 3 trees for DK's. AS LONG AS they do the same for Warriors! "

Shield slam is trainable, Defiance is now baseline for def stance, how does that sound?

Forum post of the day: A crushing blow to Warriors? {WoW}

Jul 11th 2008 4:11PM "The loss of prot warriors will come in the new and upcoming guilds, who won't be tied down to using warriors. This is where you will see a lack of prot warriors since new guilds have no reason to go with a warrior when a paladin/druid/death knight can do just as well."

BC has been out for a while it disproves your theory sorry. what you want isn't warriors to have a place you want the good old days of Warrior MT/Warrior OT and the good little druids and pallies healing you. Guilds will bring different types of tank to add variety just like DPS and healing.

Forum post of the day: A crushing blow to Warriors? {WoW}

Jul 11th 2008 11:22AM "Itemization for druids is much better than it was pre-BC. And sorry that my class is item dependand while yours relies on the utility your forms give you. More gear drops for warriors cause warriors NEED gear to compete with other classes."

That's because you don't understand druids at all we are more gear reliant because unlike you we need gear to make up for our build it limitations like paws not scaling past 60. That gear enables you to outpace us in every single category endgame.

"Anyway, I think you miss the point... you talk about gear while I talk about utility. I don't know if you raided preBC, but druids that tried to tank were laughting stock, you gained a lot of ground, and have become better than warriors in many an encounter... and I'll give you a quick example:"

gimmick encounters you will forgive me if I brush off your example. That's like saying because druids can't tank illlidan they are useless. Also take a look at your WOTLK talents blizzard is bloody well giving you everything on a silver plater. AOE tanking, rage from block/parry and much much more. Again you guys bitching and moaning about being outpaced is like a fat kid in a candy store complaining.

Forum post of the day: A crushing blow to Warriors? {WoW}

Jul 11th 2008 9:52AM Most dominating class in the arena for 4 season.

DPS rivaling that of rogues.

Number one tank in the game.

Yeah warrior are def the most nerfed class in the game /boggle.

Forum post of the day: A crushing blow to Warriors? {WoW}

Jul 11th 2008 7:55AM "We got a lot. But others got more. And I talk of course for our furry friends, the Druids. Been secondrate offtanks at best for raids preBC, they now are equal to a warrior in every respect. Some would say, they are way better. They get more or less the same damage, they can create threat more consistently since they don't get as rage starved as warriors as their gear increase"

A well geared feral druid is running around with 35K armor, 60% dodge at least if you don't downgrade to your stam set you will be rage starved when tanking 5 mans and heroics.

As for warriors getting "the shaft" when every freaking boss stops dropping plate and goodies for warrior you can talk. When you face dead end itemization then you can talk. When warriors have the worst scaling in the game then they can talk. I love how you guys always talk as if you got the shaft when Blizzard bends over backwards to make sure you are catered for.

I have the most DKP in my guild and I have nothing to spend it on. Warriors are the spoiled children of tanking.

Do you need to prepare to switch mains? {WoW}

Jul 7th 2008 8:07AM I am switching mains from a feral druid to a drainei warrior. I have been tanking pugs and collecting badge gear adapting so I can learn to tank it has been a pretty easy switch. I really can't switch now because my druid has basically tanked most of TBC and the gear gap between him and my warrior is still too huge.

But still I am enjoying doing 5/10 mans and pugs again there really was no reason for me to do these on my druid.

2000 means nothing in Season 4 {WoW}

Jul 7th 2008 7:52AM "Prove he can't compete - oh wait you can't, besides he is currently in top 10%(easily) in the second week and high enough to buy a S3 weapons. You can't carry someone that far in week 2 if they aren't good - trust me I've tried."

The hundred of rating and arena sellers in S3 prove otherwise, maybe you couldn't succeed because you have no clue how it's done. In a few weeks people will be doing just that buying their rating like they did last season.