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Faction change service now available [UPDATED] {WoW}

Sep 2nd 2009 9:07PM Haven't spent money like this on WoW in a while. But oh, what the hell. Fifty five dollars isn't too bad every year or so.

Disappointment with the patch 3.1 game world {WoW}

May 8th 2009 2:53AM Alex, all you've done the last year is whine and complain about what's not being done right. You either need to quit the game, take a break, or stop writing articles on this site.

Insight is one thing, but remarks based solely on opinion without really suggesting improvement is another. And no, 'It should be more like the final and in turn the most content saturated patch in the last expansion' is not insight

Breakfast Topic: Should raid progression even be tracked anymore? {WoW}

Dec 4th 2008 1:08PM Anyone care to read the tags...




You have been trolled XD

Zombie invasion phase 5.5 - quests to the faction leaders and Shattrath [Updated x4] {WoW}

Oct 26th 2008 9:40PM Could the artifact be the purified Ashbringer? Why else would they need all those paladins and priests, along with the Naaru, in shatt?

(Posted again because I mistakingly replied to a post up there :p)

Zombie invasion phase 5.5 - quests to the faction leaders and Shattrath [Updated x4] {WoW}

Oct 26th 2008 9:32PM Could the artifact possibly be the Purified Ashbringer? What else would they need so many priests and paladins for?

A WoW player's guide to Warhammer Online {WoW}

Sep 9th 2008 4:44PM "The whole point is
A) you get opportunity to get loot from the chest
B) Influence to turn in for loot
C) Experience"

Yes, listen kids, this is a bright one... All three of these are completely different from 5mans and raids :O

/sarcasm off

A World of Warcraft player's guide to Age of Conan {Massively}

May 26th 2008 2:39AM It's elitist jerks like you that put stress on the MMO community.

--Hey! That guy likes WoW instead of Warhammer or AoC! Let's poke fun at him until he breaks down, cries, and starts playing our favorite game instead--

And there is no excuse at all to make fun of an entire country simply based on stereotypes!

Noone can have there own likes or dislikes or live anywhere in the world without rude people such as you attacking them.