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Microsoft's "I'm a PC" ad gently alights upon the airwaves {Engadget}

Sep 19th 2008 4:45PM I'm a PC, and I am a gamer.

Control WoW with your eyes {WoW}

May 6th 2008 5:59PM That's why it's calibrated before the game starts.

Forum post of the day: Docking DKP {WoW}

Apr 27th 2008 3:15PM The guild I'm in doesn't dock DKP. In return, we simply make it rank > DKP.

Raiders > Members > Alts/Family&Friends > Guests

People who can't meet the raider requirements are just members, and are 2nd on the loot food chain; they can't win even if they have more DKP than a raider, no matter what. Raider is an earned rank in our guild, and earning it = your best bet at getting gear.

It's simple, easy, and it works perfectly with zero-sum, open-bid (and I'd assume other systems too) DKP.