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Forum post of the day: Docking DKP {WoW}

Apr 27th 2008 7:00PM I think that DKP is a corrupt system that shouldn't be used at all. If I am pulling my weight in the raid then I should have the same chance on drops as the next guy. Just because he has been in the guild longer shouldn't come into play. The gear of the players, who is determined to need it more, and if that can't be determined a good old fashioned /roll should commence. DKP sucks.

Forum post of the day: Docking DKP {WoW}

Apr 27th 2008 6:57PM Thats completely stupid. Look I haven't done the endgame raids but screw any guild that tells me I dont have the right gems....I mean, are you serious? Well hell if you want me to have all this certain stuff then the guild should pay for their members to have the gear and specs that they deem they must. If not, then you have no right to tell someone how to play.