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Playing with Disabilities: Sound in Ahn'Qiraj {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2006 3:40AM Sound adds a very important piece to the game. I can't play without sound FX on, but music...I can go without.

If I get a Nightfall proc, the sound is what gets me to notice.

Breakfast Topic: Skimpy armour {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2006 7:45AM I try to avoid the loincloth-style stuff for my male characters, but the females are an entirely different story.

Though it always comes down to the best stats. Even if my toon does look like a rainbow.

Bugs, ghosts, and standard responses {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2006 3:06AM I get the "invisible mob" problem all the time. I should probably start reporting them when they occur.

I've never had a problem so serious as dying and waking up somewhere completely unrelated, though. That would probably infuriate me.

Geneva Motor Show: Gorgeous Pagani Roadster photo gallery {Autoblog Archive}

Mar 1st 2006 8:31AM This is a beautiful machine. Until you have seen the wonder that is the Zonda Roadster in-person, pass no judgement. This car will WOW you, guaranteed.

Audi ends maintenance {Autoblog Archive}

Feb 28th 2006 3:26AM My Audi has been out of warranty since the day I bought it. Well, I had the whole "used car warranty" on the powertrain for a few thousand miles, but that's almost irrelevant.

Point is, I loved every nanosecond with that car, and when the time comes to replace my 2006 GTI, I will most likely be cross-shopping Audi and VW.

Total irregular repair costs: ?200 over three years
Total smiles and lingering over-the-shoulder looks: Countless

Pagani Zonda Roadster F - photo gallery {Autoblog Archive}

Feb 28th 2006 3:09AM "Uh, anyone have a clue what the thingy is in the middle of the seat bottoms?"

It's an "Accident attachment." Hook up your mobile urine-holder to conveniently remain in place when you piss yourself during full-throttle acceleration and cornering.

In all seriousness, it could be a seat adjustment knob, say for seat height.

The Zonda will always be my favorite supercar. Well, at least for the foreseeable future. Not even the Veyron or CCX can touch the Zonda for pure beauty (Italian styling) or engineering (German powertrain).

According to Clarkson, there hasn't been such a powerfully effective marriage between Germany and Italy since the Third Reich.

Koenigsegg CCX won't challenge Bugatti Veyron {Autoblog Archive}

Feb 28th 2006 2:54AM So much hatred for the Veyron. It's so funny, can hate on it all you want, call it ugly, say it's crap...but it's the fastest production vehicle of all time. And it'll hang on to that title for a while. So eat it up while it's still cool to hate on the Veyron.

"One-dimensional piece of VW crap." Oh, the irony.

Girls That Play Games {WoW}

Feb 24th 2006 6:07AM My main is a female, and I've never had anyone assume I was a female. At least not as far as I know.

Girls That Play Games {WoW}

Feb 24th 2006 2:38AM I've gotten to the point where I just automatically assume everyone out there is a guy, short of actually referring to them by "dude" or "bro" or "man."

Dearborn's $10,000 question... will you buy the Ford Bronco? {Autoblog Archive}

Feb 23rd 2006 8:55AM Just because labor is cheaper in Mexico doesn't mean that quality control is any different.