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Guild Wars 2 closed beta impressions -- Shawn's thoughts {Massively}

Feb 21st 2012 9:53PM @Dunraven

I agree. There are lots of people who were bitterly disappointed in GW and those who found it boring. I'd like some impressions from those who left GW to see if their problems have been solved. Fanboi/grrl impressions are expected to be positive.

I also play a healer - at least 4 specs in WoW. It appears I'll have nothing to do in GW2 except join the DPS. Jsut because you may be bored with the Holy Trinity, doesn't mean that some people don't enjoy the roles.

So far unimpressed with the graphics shown in the video clips, but I did like the fighting while lying on the ground bit ;-)

Looking forward to a neutral review or even a first impressiion.

WoW loses another 100,000 subscribers {Massively}

Feb 9th 2012 9:27PM @TryHardSasquatch

Yep branched out time and again to at least give the other MMOs a go. All disappointing. Sure the graphics might be better than WoW, but not the animations, the combat will almost always be worse and all the bright shiny new things lack maturity or even the sense not to try something if it's been done to death or failed already.

Over 6 years of development and feedback from millions of players and developers who still care more about the game than the money has created a sophisticated MMO that offers something for everyone.

I'll keep looking at other MMOs, but I suspect the only one that will pass WoW is the mysterious Titan ;-)

Breakfast Topic: Has the early Cataclysm gearing model failed? {WoW}

Feb 1st 2012 7:14PM I had a similar experience to Josh, in that I had a n 85 pally tank that I decided to make my 4th healer. Starting from no Intellect plate at all, I got rep gear, purchased 365/378 on the auction, used what Justice point I had for 378 gear and ran a lot of bgs to accumulate honor which also turned into justice.

Didn't do one heroic. Apart from detesting pugs for the most part, I needed to learn pally healing and I didn't want dungeon mates to suffer while I was doing it, so lots of bgs later I knew what I was doing. Finally at iLvl 373 I entered the Raid Finder and although I wasn't topping the healing like I do on the druid, I wasn't too embarrassing. A few RF drops later and a 390 PvP head and I'm doing a lot better ;-)

The process took around a few days of casual playing and it let me try out a totally different healer (and yes pally healing is way different from disc, holy and tree) without having to spend a month or so doing pugged heroics.

I like the new gearing model ;-)

4 steps for dealing with Raid Finder harassment {WoW}

Jan 31st 2012 9:10AM Way back in the day when Quake was king and Enemy Territory was a free team game, there was one map where you spawned in a barracks. One door and collision detection was enough for one player to hold a whole team in. That player is probably pushing 50 now, but I bet he's still an arsehole.

The incidence of active jerks in RF seems to be increasing, I cycle 6 toons through it playing 4 healers and a mage and hunter. To the jerk, the meta game is to annoy people, confuse them and generally wreak havoc. I've had more people killing tentacles on DW's back - sometimes all of them, priests life gripping people out of the purple swirlies on the boat, multiple slime groups pulled and the always favourite of starting an encounter with light on healers, low health and mana.

Kicking people is ironically also random, as this is a place where evidence is not taken and reasons aren't given. I was in RF with 2 guildies and our healer was almost immediately killed on the boat due to the tank not grabbing threat. At the end of the fight a vote kick was called on him due to him only doing 8k (and no they didn't even bres the tanks who had both died ;-) ). The vote went through and we left as well, so they had three people to replace. Hell, unless I can see an injustice was done, I would have probably voted yes too, just to get moving. There's simply not enough time to evaluate each vote kick (although Blizz could insist a reason has to appear) and sometimes when you are having multiple wipes on a fight you've romped through a number of times before, you'll do anything just to make it stop ;-)

The good LFRs do make up for it though. When maybe 20 people know the fight and most people are doing their jobs, it's a pleasure and it's great to participate in 25 person raids. I'm sure the elitists view it as proof that enough monkeys and typewriters can produce Shakespeare, but it's an experience I've only had rarely, even though playing since WoW Classic.

Most of the posters have already offered the tools from our meagre toolbox. Report jerks and bullies and feel free to try and kick them and then //ignore them. It's a game and you're in it to enjoy yourself, so do what you can to help to weed out the killjoys and move on.

The Light and How to Swing It: Nerfing Holy Radiance to the ground {WoW}

Jan 29th 2012 6:54PM I now have 4 healers, druid, disc and holy proest and now a pally. There's enough similarity between those first three healers for me to even map the same key combinations for a lot of similar spells, but the pally was something different. With the Holy Power mechanic powering either a single target or AoE mana free spell, the wonderful holy radiance and the fact that the AoE is directional means the pally is a lot different to play and a little more interesting. I certainly haven't been spamming HR, so I don't think the nerf matters too much. It does explain however why I keep getting beaten on my other healers by pallys in the DS RRF ;-)

Is Project Fiona a miss for WoW? {WoW}

Jan 12th 2012 8:13PM Largest console controller ever ;-)

A laptop is cheaper, more powerful, bigger screen, higher res and allows you to use all WoW spells and abilities with a keyboard and the benefit of a precise mouse. This looks like a solution for a problem that doesn't exist. It's similar to spending a lot of money to make an iPad pretend it's almost a laptop.

WoW Rookie: How to gear up for Raid Finder {WoW}

Dec 8th 2011 9:58PM While I don't advocate using entirely PvP gear just to get into a raid, the fact is that PvP gear can be a better choice depending on your current equipment,

E.g. I have a 365 cloak with hit, haste and Int, Stam for my healer (best I could obtain at the time). Reforged hit into spirit. Level 390 PvP cloak, includes spirit but has no other stat but resilience. Would I buy that - in a heartbeat. I don't need hit and as a healer rather than a spamming DPS, haste is also not a priority, but spirit and extra int is.

Another example is shoulders and head, which may never drop for you (got my first shoulders in RRF the other day - first I've got in 6 years). PvP 390 shoulders have spirit and increased int over blues or 359 gear, so yes I'll take that as well.

It's important to realise that PvP gear is exactly the same as PvE gear at the same iLvl - it just has one stat converted to resilience. If that stat isn't of high importance to you and as the PvP gear is usually going to be higher iLvL than obtainable PvP gear and give higher primary stats, it may be better for you.

Of course theory is one thing so I compared my heals in PvE with my previous Vicious gladiator full set to my PvE gear which was slightly lower level, but harder to obtain. Effectively I has slightly higher heals in PvP gear, about 2K more mana with a slightly longer cast time due to the PvP gear being higher level than PvE and missing out on some haste.

Look at your gear and see if a obtainable PvP item may be a better fit until you finally get that drop or save up the valor.

Shifting Perspectives: The best and the worst of patch 4.3 {WoW}

Dec 6th 2011 7:14PM Went through RRF with some guildies and myself and the other tree healer ended up doing most of the healing. My teammate doesn't use the glyph and I do. Not really much difference in healing at the end of the 25 man raid, but I still prefer to hit 6 people rather than 5, even with the increased cooldown.

However, it terms of actually healing the raid, I didn't really notice any difference ;-)

The return of raid stacking? {WoW}

Nov 29th 2011 10:51PM Actually now that Druids will have 4 specs. there's really no need for any other class ;-)

All Druid raids should now become the norm - a collection of bears, kitties, moonkins and trees.

Now that's class stacking ;-)

The Queue: Universal {WoW}

Nov 27th 2011 9:42PM Yes, Stargate was a great show, a little darker than SG-1 without the humour, but still enthralling. It joins the list of quality shows that have been culled before their time. SyFy is currently running the Dresden files, another great show that had tons of books available, so the screen writers wouldn't have to even stretch, but that went too.

It's even worse when you look at the crap SyFy produces under "an original telefilm" tag - real bad, but not bad enough to be funny.

My only hope is that the cast was put into stasis, in the hope that somewhere, some network might revive them. IT says a lot that the only real things worth watching on SyFy are the re-runs of the Stargates series.

Btw, the advertising idiot that changed SciFI to SyFY should be thrown into a black hole.