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The Light and How to Swing It: Seals, Blessings, and Auras part I {WoW}

Apr 30th 2008 4:45AM I would just like to point out the degree of QQ we get because one paladin tree isn't raid viable. For starters, most ret paladins appear to live in fear of being forced into the holy tree and away from the front lines of a fight. But we have a perfectly viable tanking tree which most rets don't seem to have heard of.

Ret paladins are simply the most defense players out there. Every class has its own source of bitching and moaning but because you're only capable of tanking AND healing and not melee dps is not a source of complaint. Roll a rogue, its the only thing they can do. If my rogue put on a bunch of feral leather and I started calling myself a tanking rogue would Blizz eventually listen? Because that's what retadins seem to have done.

As a player of a combat rogue and prot pally I can say that if you want to see huge damage, play a class that's MEANT TO DO BIG DPS. If you want to be a versatility to your group and get invited to EVERY raid, play a hybrid class.

I also want to address some of the outrageous claims in a few of the above posts. Top damage in your raid? Good job, I'd gquit on the spot. Every class has dps capacity so it's possible to level the character. If your tank/heal hybrid is the main source of dps then your guild needs some serious reworking. I leveled as ret and I know the abilities and limitations of the spec. Ret dps is a joke but you may be dragged along to a raid as a buff machine but that's honestly because your guild can't scrap up a decent enhancement shaman or fury warrior.