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Officers' Quarters: Casual raiding that works {WoW}

Apr 30th 2008 9:08AM There are a lot of different shades, when it comes to mixing casual with raiding.

Our guild (Rising, Aggramar, EU) was formed to be a home to those people who are raiders at heart (meaning they want to see the game's raiding content), but cannot attend as many raid nights as your average "hardcore" raiding guild requires. Our goal is to experience and defeat all raid content - so we only accept excellent players as raiders.

This walk on the thin line has proven to be successful. We are currently at 4/5 MH and 7/9 BT, and I have no doubt we will continue this success and at some point even venture into Sunwell Plateau.

We have approximately 50 raiders, some of those more hardcore (attendance of 5 out of 5 raids per week), some rather casual (1 or 2 raids per week). It is this mix which allows us to be rather successful, I believe, because it enables the more casual raiders to learn from the more hardcore ones (a process which should be very much encouraged).

Regarding recruitment: It is a good idea to "scout" continuously for new players (in semi-pugs). However, we don't recruit constantly, we have periods when recruitment is closed. The success of our raids makes people want to raid, and they become unhappy if too many new players are recruited (which would lead to fewer raid spots per week). I found that struggling occasionally to fill the raid is the lesser evil, when compare to over-recruiting.

Gormane (GM of Rising)