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Breakfast Topic: Are players becoming too entitled? {WoW}

Nov 17th 2011 9:06AM Overall decisions are made to maintain and grow the player base...and that's not a bad thing as more players = more revenue = more development.

Yet, unless I'm raiding, there is no sense of peril in the game whatsoever. And that is what I miss - a sense of peril, of discomfort or inconvenience when things go wrong. This, in turn, encourages me to solve the encounter perhaps in a different way, or to dig deeper and learn about some spell combo or cooldown or strategy that has not yet been necessary.

I would encourage all players, as they are leveling, to dedicate their level 70-71 and 80-81 time in the Heroics. I found that, in that environment, we are still overpowered, but things are just a touch more technical and some of our tried-and-true strategies that worked 100% well from 1-69 don't work as well...a cooldown is needed here and there, or a change of strategy for an encounter. THAT is the game I fell in love with 3 years back and am anxiously awaiting its return.

I do wonder, though, if my personal experience in the game contributes the lion share to that "lack of peril" and I have talked to those newer to the game who really have found the magic about this. Some do feel a sense of peril and some do not. Both groups, however, have found something they love about Azeroth and I suppose that's the name of the game.

My wish for the new expansion would be to encourage players to play the heroics and maybe someday have heroics to optionally visit at levels 40 and 60! Or use the nifty 'dungeon challenge gear normalization' feature to allow me to normalize my level 85's gear so I can run BWD and heal for a friend who is running it at level. Or introduce "XP Draining Shoulders with a 10-15% XP LOSS that permits my alt to fully quest in a zone and soak up the story. Or introduce a "Hard mode Neck Piece" that normalizes my gear just enough to tune questing and/or regular dungeon encounters to an older standard.

As a long time player, I have found a lot of the game that I used to love on my alts to be rather blah and consequently I have not seen all the wonderful work put into the post-Cataclysm Azeroth. Some 'hard mode' gear pieces using existing in-game features would go a long way for increasing this particular player's enjoyment of the rest of the non-raiding game.