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Officers' Quarters: Casual raiding that works {WoW}

Apr 30th 2008 7:42PM The article hits it about right. The issue that I had with last raid I lead is that they said they were casual, tried to behave like they were serious and achieved neither. I used the "casual" raid style, didn't keep the more serious members. I used the serious raid style and the casuals who think they are serious disliked that they weren't the centre of the world. There isn't much of a middle ground.

I enjoy leading a casual raid that is treating each other's time respectfully. What I haven't enjoyed with the last raid is a minority of people not treating others with respect and consideration. Healers doing 50-100k damage on a boss fight where their healing targets die. Hybrids coming to raids without an off set and being unwilling to use one even if they had it. People not showing the least bit of interest in getting a talent spec that supports the raid rather than their ego. People complaining about injustices and slights that were able to be read as intended differently, and rather than dealing with that at the time, stewing over it for days or in some cases weeks. 5-10 minute ninja afks usually 2-3 after each boss fight or wipe and 1 at almost any point in the raid. People loot whoring and ego loot linking. Players who think they are better people than others because they have collected every single miniscule up through weight of hours played. DPS who show absolutely no consideration to threat, tanks, healers, keeping themselves alive and kill order. The lack of support within the raid by those who identified themselves as leaders within the raid. Having to replace all heal leadership with an addon because nobody would take responsibility and actually communicate with the healers consistently across the entire evening and week in week out. People not even bothering to pay any consideration to very simple direction.

What I've been told by the people who I've spoken with over the last 3-4 weeks has been quite enlightening. They told me they didn't leave because of me, as has been put forward by a small number of players, but because of the preferential treatment of that small number of players. That raid probably won't die unless somebody steps in and creates something that will directly compete. That something would have to be very careful that it meets the goals identified in the thread:

Find a committed raid leader.
Develop a fair loot system.
Communicate your plan.
Hammer home the need for preparation.
Foster an environment of accountability.
Take both success and failure in stride.

I thought I was committed enough, but I became disheartened and in the end bitter. Our legacy loot system sucked. I hope I was able to get people to know what I was intending. The raid as a whole wasn't interested in preparing. People refused to take responsibility for their own mistakes and lack of preparation. Just once I wish I had have looked at the item query or buff query tools and seen full buffs going into a boss fight or all players with the consumables they need at the start of the raid. People who play hybrids shouldn't be required to be asked to bring their off set let alone go and create one. Tanks shouldn't need to argue about the strat for 20 minutes before a fight. DPS should know the kill order and not split DPS. Healers should keep their target up, and not cross heal. People shouldn't need to be told to keep doing their primary role for a fight rather than deciding to do something else (eg. dps when they are cc).

Raid leadership isn't a democracy where every decision is voted on by a committee. It isn't a malevolent dictatorship, but a performance based role. It is an autocracy though, but the autocrat is able to be replaced. The culture of the raid is driven out of the leadership unless people set out to undermine that leadership to establish their own sub culture that clashes directly.

I won't be playing with the sub group of 5 for a long time. I find them all distasteful for different reasons. I'm seriously considering whether I should cross post this to the their forum with a link to the article. I've changed to a different raid now where I'm not a leader. They are another casual raid, and I simply show up and do what I'm asked.

As a side note, for 2 1/2 years I raided with a top 1000 ranked raid guild that was doing Naxx prior to BC and was clearing T5 3 months after BC. I rerolled to play with friends.