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WoW Rookie: Where a noob can be a noob {WoW}

May 28th 2009 9:44AM That was indeed a thought provoking view on the whole leveling buisness. Being one who just climbed the very steep and ugly lvl 80 mountain (as you so elegantly put it), i totally see your point. The hours of hours of grinding for rep, the dailies to get money for repairs, potions, bullets etc... its horrendous. Truly is. But on the other hand I really really love raiding, and that is the price you pay for getting 25 man against the endgame. So we suck it up and try to have fun as often as we can :)

But you do have a point.

Win one of five TCG codes today on WoW Insider {WoW}

May 19th 2009 2:17PM pick me pick me!

UPDATE: Blood of Gladiators Loot Card EU giveaway {WoW}

Apr 15th 2009 4:10AM Me me me! Pick me!

Breakfast Topic: New 5-man dungeon plotlines {WoW}

Mar 30th 2009 9:02AM I would just really like to see all the old school instances get a heroic version for lvl 80. Would be awsome to kick butt as a team in Zul'Farak, Gnomeregan, Deadmines, Sunken Temple etc. on your main again with hordes of lvl 80+ elites attack you from all sides.

Breakfast Topic: When did WoW click for you? {WoW}

Mar 26th 2009 9:06AM I think the first taste of 'click' was at the first few instances like Wailing Cavern. It was big enough to get totally lost in, filled with dangers untold, and loot they blew your mind. Of course we were not that high level :) But the teamwork needed to succes was brilliant, and that gave us the building stones for future triumph.

And I really thing that the simple fact that we knew the game was SOOOO much bigger, and we even heard rumours about end lvl instances with up to 40(!!!) people, help alot with the clicking factor. This was something you wanted. Being one of the few brave souls to enter Molten Core and live to tell the tale.

Being a hunter i also just loved the whole idea of Zone of Absolute Safety. Pulling to the tank, feigning death, fighting on, was something that could get your heart pumping faster indeed. Specially in MC.

Breakfast Topic: Hitting your stride {WoW}

Mar 23rd 2009 10:25AM Well I seem to be having a lucky stride these days myself. Im a hunter and have been since the start so I, like many other BM hunters, have wanted my taming little troll hands on The Spirit Beast, but with a spawn time of 10 minutes every 6 hours in 1 of 5 spots lets just say its not easy. At all. In fact i had all but given up on ever seeing the beauty of a beast, until I late thursday night before bedtime had a few moments to spare and though "what the heck.. can't hurt to look". Normally my route is that I go anti clockwise when looking for the pretty beast, but this night for some reason i went clockwise and thank god for that. At the second spawn point i found it, tamed it and lets just say that my neighbours could probably hear my shouting in exitement.

Friday was raidnight and we're in teh progress of getting Naxx cleared without to much trouble. But usually Thaddius and a few selectied others tend to give us a headache. We can kill em, but not without an hour or two of wiping first. But that friday everything just went so smooth. We had half the instance left, before we began - three hours later we had killed 2 quarters worth of bosses and the icy dragon and kel himself. All without one single wipe. And i had gotten myself three nice upgrades doing so. Good times.

The only thing that kind of broke my stride was the fact that Blizzards naming policy wont let me name my new pet Elvis. Apparantly the king is dead...

Guildwatch: Brother against brother {WoW}

Feb 25th 2009 6:03PM If time is so important he shouldn't be helping him in the first place. If he wanted a fee for helping (which im not against, mind you) he should have said so from the get go. He should not appear like the good samaritan and help him with all the preliminary quests only to leave him hanging dry when the blues are within grasp. Thats just rude. Well in my book it is anyway.

Guildwatch: Brother against brother {WoW}

Feb 25th 2009 5:47AM On Thunderhorn (European server) i had a bad experience the other day. A guildy was levelling up his alt and as a lvl 65 he wanted to do the Ring of Blood in Nagrand. And yay a group comes to his rescue, with a lvl 80 Rogue in charge, double yay. So they start doing the quests, and its going sweet. But just as they are about to do the final quests, the Rogue, that goes by the name Notoriouz, stops and charges the poor lvl 65 alt. They want money to continue! What kind of scumbags would pull a stunt like that?

Well the story has a good ending though. The alt quite the group on the spots, called for help from the guild and coalition, explaining the situation and withing minutes he had a group of 4 level 80's eager to help. So he got his blues and was happy. But Notoriouz from the guild Ragnarök is one neither of our guilds will ever do buisness with ever.

I know its not as bad as ninjaing purples or nothing, but i hate scammers and people trying to take advantage of someone else. Just irritates me to no end.

Happy Loot-idays from WoW Insider: Day one {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2008 6:32AM Me me me!

Countdown to Wrath giveaway special: Slashdance loot cards {WoW}

Nov 13th 2008 8:26AM Well this really isnt any ungodly hour since i live in greenland and the massive timedifference put me ahead of you (i think) and behind Europe. So caught in the middle like .. i dont know something that's not really part of anything. But i try. But its hell on raiding, trying to get of from work early every single time... good two have some time soloing again.

But what am I doing? Im at work (its early morning) and im waiting to see what kind of nice lich stamped boxes the mailman brings today (hopefully).