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Blood Sport: RMP Rampage {WoW}

May 1st 2008 10:56PM Yo, this post is rediculious. The priest is almost never the burn target, hardly anyone is stupid enough to leave open a mage and rogue to dps. Plus a rogue and a mage who are not terrible can metigate enough damage on 99% of comps so that the priest will live through any burn. In your strat you said get on the rogue; the mage is a way better target, the rogue will just shs away and stay on his target or get on whoever is slowing him leaving th e mage open to shatter comp away... nearly every comp gets on the mage... The strats are terribad... Rmp is not some comp where you just pick a target and kill it, against most comps you have to jump around, gib trinkets by swapping targets then burn when you can get a cc chain off. Rmp is a finess comp not some GOGOGOGOGO DPS MOAR DPS MOAR DISPELLZ DISPELLZ comp. Also, rmp used to be the flavor of the month, but this late in season not as many rmps are top teams. I could be wrong but im pritty sure that there is only one rmp that is currently the top team (only one last time i checked) Spam mele or double healer seems to be way more popular. When my rmp was 2300 we were the 13th highest in US or so i have been told, and thats just sad concitering how many teams were higher than us.