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Scattered Shots: Auto Shot {WoW}

May 2nd 2008 8:02AM Okay, guys, I can see why this spell is important, but, as a newbie, I think I'd require a little more than just that. Once I get my RAM, I'm goint to be full tilt into WoW, and I'd like a road map of sorts to use as I level up and learn tactics and such. Which leads me to these questions:

1)Which mobs would be best to practice on for the various different tactics a Hunter is required to use?

2)How do I maximize a 0/11/50 Hunter build through tactics after capping at 70?

3)What would be a 'safe' level to begin PvP play?

4)What gear am I looking for? And, as I level up, what to replace it with per every few levels?

5)What would be the best order to learn the Talents up to about 70?

6)What would be the best pet to use for such a build?

I am aiming for competency, so the hard work does not deter me one bit. :-)