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Cataclysm Beta: Deathwing voice clips {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2010 7:16PM Yes I agree Blizzard need to make a real big bad guy with a high pitch voice like Mike Tyson or to a lesser degree Brock Lesnar. It would be comical and strangely more life like.

The Daily Quest: What's in a name {WoW}

Jul 6th 2010 8:39PM I think the simplest solution would be to just post their real last name. Or even with first name initial and then thier last name. Which should calm down those that have stalker fears, and gender identification fears, which seems to be some what related.

Breakfast Topic: Caught between a rock {WoW}

Jan 20th 2010 8:41AM For some reason I have been holding on two the Whale Statue worth 11G and a New Age Painting worth 25G. I usually sell such thing to make room for bag space, but can not get myself to sell those.

Breakfast Topic: Should Cataclysm bring back the world boss? {WoW}

Jan 15th 2010 9:17AM One of my earliest memories of vanilla wow, was accidentally drawing a Emerald Dream Dragon which was in Twilight Grove into a group of forming raid party. I was only like in my 30 and being such a noob. I ran towards the Dragon thinking it was cool, and then ran back to the group forming, realizing that I was just stupid to get so close.

The funny thing is I got agro on the way back, and managed to get to the forming raid before I died, and managed to wipe their group as well. I got a number of hateful whispers from that, to bad I would have liked to see a 40 man fight. I didn't reach 60 until BC came out a month or two later.

Breakfast Topic: Healers are the drummers of WoW {WoW}

Jan 7th 2010 9:04AM Move powerful even in PVP than in PVE. I sure hope Blizzard come up with some creative way to make healer more valuable to non healer classes in Cataclysm, without weakling the rest of us like burst damaged did when introduced in Wraith. Currently good PVP healer are both the tank an healer for a good PVP team. I mean there is no other position more important.

Wintergrasp defense / offense on unbalanced realms {WoW}

Dec 17th 2009 6:54PM I believe WG is taken on all servers usually atleast once a day. But like Bojangles said if often during off peak hours. I don't know if it is do to buff help, or just do to a major oversite on the dominate factions sid. But a small determined team can often when a larger but not massive team by simple being smarter than them. Does the majority of minority realm player base see this i doubt it.

[1.Local]: Do it for the e-peen Sunday {WoW}

Dec 13th 2009 6:11PM Yep, WOW Insider need to post a post about when the majority of WOW players are actually wrong, but just don't want to here it. The majority is simply made up of whole lot of different minorities in the WOW Univierse. We all need to except that there are some serious issue that need to get addressed by the WOW development team, but that simply don't get the attention they deserve.

[1.Local]: Do it for the e-peen Sunday {WoW}

Dec 13th 2009 6:03PM To: Loop

I said to avoid PVP being a Nightmare. Not that they can ever make it perfect, they made AV better in my opinion by not starting it until both side had at least 30 people (I think that what it is). While it resulted in a longer wait, it didn't kill AV even in the lower level brackets. I actually think it help, I mean no one want to be out number 2 to 1 in a BG. Even the 5 minutes until discontinued in the other BG was way to long. Players simply stop playing BG in those situation, and those with the number advantage tend to continue playing them, resulting in a permenent numbers unbalance, even in multi-realm battle-servers with a fair more even population.

I play on two servers, I often can do two WG right after each other. Even though some times I come late to the fight. What make me mad is that I often run past a large group of my faction just siting in Dalanar, not participalting in WG, even though we need there help badly. But they don't want to help because they don't like being outnumber so often in WG

Tenacity was suppose to make up for it in WG, I think it works well at levels 1 to 3, but once it get a levels 5 it starts to be big joke. I have been on sides with no bases at all, because our whole team can't capture one base. This is largly because no one in Blizzard thought that Tenacity should help with capturing bases. Trust me it Tenacity doesn't help at all because I have just sat at a base with 6 levels of Tenacity on my side and the balance meter did not move at all. I mean should help with that.

You know the Tenacity with regards to base caputing is good example of how the majority can be very wrong with regard to minority. Sure the minority is often wrong themselves but sometime the Majority is just arrogant of what the problems are. Even though poplulation balance is not what I mean by Minority and Majority opinions, the game to complex for that, but there has to be a way for everyone to be listened to, even if you do not want to hear what their trying to say.

[1.Local]: Do it for the e-peen Sunday {WoW}

Dec 13th 2009 4:21PM I am one who often get really upset with Blizzard Development Team, particularly the PVP team. Especially with the issue relating to population balancing, and blizzard effort to atleast to try in preventing it from being a complete nightmare.

But I don't post on forums about it, because there no point. To many players simply out tow get their way or give to much misdirect information on the subject, to get anything accomplished. Blizzard really needs a filtering system to solve crucial problems.

I thought of one solution, create a special but given by request and uniqueness of need only, a option to record the problem and send it to those in Blizzard that need to know what the problem is. So the development team can see what the problem is without the headace of trying to figure what all the forem posters are complaining about.

There is simply to many poster who are posting on subject they know to little about or simply not giving a good enough account of the issue, for the development team to solve the problems.

WoW Rookie: The absolute beginner's guide to Battlegrounds {WoW}

Dec 9th 2009 4:32PM Your right Lisa should not consider this series done with out redueing Winter Grasp. Her link to goes to a 12/14/08 post. Which is a year old, Wintergrasp has had many changes since then, and strategy has been altered a lot aswell. I would also like a chance to discuss how beneficial or lack of it that some of the changes were.

Please make a post on this subject, Lisa, with so many chances since Wintergrasp launce, and it being one of the most popular PVP in Wraith. It deserves a lot more attention than it has gotten.