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Kid Icarus Uprising review: Uplifting {Joystiq}

Mar 23rd 2012 2:04PM @Vic Fontaine

"I guess it's too late to get the 3Dized NES game with it right?"

Hehe, I have no idea. I don't even have a 3DS so I don't know anything about that. I just saw this deal on and remembered the comment about wanting it for $30.

Foosball 2012 spinning out on PS3, Vita {Joystiq}

Mar 22nd 2012 5:46PM I'd get this just to show that customers like the "buy one version, get both" mentality when it comes to Vita and PS3.

So far, so good: Why the Vita rises where the PSP fell {Joystiq}

Mar 2nd 2012 2:09PM It's true that the Vita just makes me WANT to buy software. I have seven launch titles (retail copies) and I have to fight the urge to move into the arena of downloadable-only territory... escape plan, mutant blobs, and PSP classic games that I had never played before. I want to wait until I've played through the stuff I have already.

Though, I do have $8 left over in my PSN account... must.. stay... strong.

PSA: Vita Facebook app now available {Joystiq}

Feb 23rd 2012 1:13PM @mrantimatter

Yes, that would be awesome. Right now I have to use remote-play to my PS3 and use the browser on that to watch Youtube if I want to use my Vita. Yes I know I could just use my laptop but sometimes I just want to hold on to a small device instead of a heat monster in my lap.

Vita's North American commercial has 'Bad Intentions' {Joystiq}

Feb 14th 2012 2:42PM Isn't that ad a little misleading? The guy says "find a game, anytime", then it says "3G Gaming" on the screen. Makes me think I can pick it up anywhere and play any online game.

The Vita's 3G capabilities are very limited. According to IGN, you can do "web browsing, PSN messaging, asynchronous multiplayer (i.e. turn-based games) and leaderboard access". The game showed on the screen was a third person shooter, not a turn based game. While it isn't flat-out lying, it is shady.

And yeah, where's Kevin Butler? Everybody loves him, just put him in an ad.

Sony Euro boss: Japanese Vita sales not indicative of international reception {Joystiq}

Jan 12th 2012 1:37PM @nerdydesi1

"Have the Japanese ever made anything that was more accepted abroad than in their home market? Seriously, I'd like to know."

I believe the SEGA Dreamcast sold more in the US than in Japan and the UK combined.

Dungeon Defenders picks up gold from 600K sales {Joystiq}

Dec 22nd 2011 11:46AM @That One Guy

If you insist on using the PS3 version over the PC version, you could probably do just fine making a squire and soloing your way through the whole game (squire towers are very good on the original build of the game). Add in the ability to swap out to other characters during the build phase and you can pretty much do anything.

As for it being fun solo... well I prefer to play co-op with friends but I do play solo sometimes, it's better than joining a random game.

As others have said, the update support for the console versions is crap due to MS and Sony's restrictions. If your PC can run it, buy it from Steam or Amazon on the cheap and don't look back. I've seen it as low as 3 bucks from them.

Get a free OnLive console with Assassin's Creed Revelations pre-order {Joystiq}

Nov 15th 2011 5:20PM @Dark Archon PSN Archonik XBL Dar

I have to agree with you here. I have a few games on it. I got my free Microconsole for pre-ordering Arkham City. The lag is a tad noticeable and annoying when trying to play with a mouse, but switching to my wired Xbox 360 controller on my PC, or playing with the Microconsole controller really makes the lag unnoticable for me.

Yes, the graphics aren't going to blow you away. I got Borderlands on it for about $2.50 to compare it to my Steam copy and it looks worse when playing it full screen on my PC monitor. However, playing with the Microconsole on a HDTV really makes it look much better for some reason.

Here's a tip for anyone interested in this special right now. Get a subscription to the Playpack bundle for $10. Then get 33% off your $50 game ($33.50). It saves you more than the $10 cost you, plus you can snag a few other games for 33% off for the next month. Just remember to cancel the Playpack bundle subscription before the next month if you aren't using it.

Back to the Future goes retail as Telltale becomes PS3, Wii publisher {Joystiq}

Aug 24th 2011 12:14PM So the Xbox 360 is a slacker?