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The Care and Feeding of Warriors: To Gear A Fury {WoW}

May 9th 2008 12:17PM I must say i disagree with quite a lot of this. You do state that crit > agi and that str>ap, yet you don't really show this with the items you're linking.

(Some) Leather drops are without a doubt the best in the game, and though it's very sad for rogues/druids/enhancement shammies, you're there to do your job as DPS as well, and that gear will be the best for your own DPS.

You cover ArP though you could talk about how it scales the more you have, you could talk about flurry uptime and impale from crits and explain why hit rating diminishes at 9%, but you don't do that very much.

All in all, ArP is great when you stack a lot of it, hit loses value once specials are capped and you'll do more white damage with additional hit. Hit does mean that you'll have a steadier income of rage that can be spent on heroic strikes to avoid glancing blows, but gear usually cover enough hit for steady rage. Crit is great because of the damage bonus from impale (yellow crits), flurry uptime, higher rage generation and the fact that it's both yellow and white damage it affects.
Haste is generally not wanted because it only affects white damage (and on-next-hit abilities such as heroic strike and cleave slightly), but it's still a DPS stat and you shouldn't try to avoid it like the plague.
Str/AP is great because it affects both yellow and white damage, increases your rage generation (though you wont notice it as much as crit, usually), scales with blessing of kings (str), improved berserker stance (10% ap) and the fact that bloodthirst is based on nothing but your attackpower aswell.