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Is it really OK for Arthas to be 10-mannable? {WoW}

May 11th 2008 12:20AM To me I've always thought that the numbers required are ludicrous to begin with. Why would you need 25 people to beat Illidan? He is a skilled fighter and powerful man to be sure, but the character is not just a pushover in this world, they have been quite hardened by all they have seen and done have they not? Also, envisioning said 25 people fight 1 being is silly as well. Unless they were invulnerable or able to kill everybody all at once (or escape), they would die.

So to me, it is just a means to set how many people you prefer to do things with. I too dislike the big raid dramas and arguments that have cropped up in every raid group i have been in, as well as the dkp stres etc. Now I play with friends in 10-mans and we just roll or hand out loot, without all the stress. So to me this is a great thing, and like somebody said it is just a win win situaiton. Those that genuinely enjoy the 25-man raids will still be able to and get the "full experience and loot".

Some people claim it will be harder to recruit for 25 mans. Well, isn't it better to weed out those that doesn't want to play it and are just there for i dunno.. only the loot and nothing else?