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Is it really OK for Arthas to be 10-mannable? {WoW}

May 11th 2008 7:29AM I look at this whole 10 & 25 man versions of the fight in the same vein as the heroic difficulty for the Burning Crusade 5-mans. I don't see people crying about the lower level accessibility of those instances and then being able to go back at lvl 70 for the ultimate challenge and better gear drops. So why should they be crying about this? Because the Lich King is a major figure in the lore? And? Archimonde is even greater (greater than Illidan as well, for that matter), yet I don't see people crying about downing him in 25-man CoT:Hyjal and then still having Illidan as a greater challenge in the raid progression.

As others have previously pointed out, by the time your character is ready for this encounter, he or she will be far stronger than most of the figures in the current lore for the game. Sure, your character won't get added to the lore for its own sake, but then the lore is simply a story backdrop for what you're getting on about.

In WC3, Arthas was physically much WEAKER as a Death Knight and had to rely more heavily on reinforcement units. It irked me to no end. Illidan, on the other hand, was a pure badass in melee. So, then, where is the lore pointing you concerning Arthas defeating Illidan in single combat?

The whole concept of the 40-man raid was great for creating an epic feel in the early days of the game. It worked for a while. But the complications of 40-man raiding far outweigh the benefits. That was pretty central to Blizzard deciding to drop down to the 25-man cap for Burning Crusade raids. It was done to satisfy the state of the player base and appeal to a much broader range of players. It works. But even so, the state of the game is not the same across all servers. The longer established servers may still be able to whip out a 40-man, but newer servers with smaller and less cohesive populations are still struggling to get the 25-mans filled. That means that the vast majority of those players are essentially cut off from the type of progression that those more established servers enjoy.

The guys at blizzard aren't dumb, they understand the state of the game far better than the majority of us. We are paying them to do so, by the way. So if the design team feels the need to trim down the leetness factor of the large-scale raids and tighten the tolerances for the lvl 80 raids in order to make the game more accessible and appealing to the majority of the player base, then why would you complain about it? Go do some dailies or something...