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The many MMOs of Blizzard {WoW}

Jul 23rd 2008 11:49PM no way that Blizz would trample on there baby of WOW. One reason why WOW works is that it does not require a lot from the graphics end and they know that. They want as many people as possible to play the game and if they were to go an updated version with higher end requirements for graphics would kill that game in a heart beat. With the economy dropping and gas prices rising most people would not go and spend money either on a new computer or upgrading it for a game. It would be the least sound business plan ever. I think they will keep doing expansions for the game and content download via patches. Like I said they want everyone to experience there game not just a select few with high end machines.

No I think and I am hoping that there next mmo will be something of a new idea.

Wrath Beta patch notes: Warlock part I {WoW}

Jul 19th 2008 2:55PM I am just happy for the Fel armor no longer being dispelled. That was making me really unhappy losing that all the time. So happy for the change. Nice to have the Soul Link down a bit further. Being I go the route of Destruction it is nice to have some other nice talents lower on the totem pole.

Addon Spotlight: TourGuide (UPDATED) {WoW}

Jul 16th 2008 5:02PM What happened to quest helper? I have not been on to update to the new patch yet. Just got back from Vacation. Anyway what happened to quest helper?????????

Patches, addons and drama in the forums {WoW}

Jul 16th 2008 4:41PM That was AWESOME!!! I have never been a real corporate backer but I honestly agree with him. The dude was making a mountain out a mole hill. Way to go Blizz Rep!

Not so much for the Horde {WoW}

Jul 15th 2008 1:37PM It’s funny but I agree with you on this article. However, I am the complete polar opposite. I am for the Horde. I have done the same where I have a couple of alliance toons as well as a couple Hordes and I find my self playing my hordes more. For me I find all the alliance something of being vain, elitists and overly righteous. I have always seen the Horde as the under dogs so to speak. I mean the Horde can be cruel but they are up front about it and I like that honesty but they also to me have this good in them which may seem evil but with great intentions and the alliance on the other hand always masks there evil intentions like I guess you could say the catholic church did. (Not looking to offend any Catholics)

Forum post of the day: Using the Auction House properly {WoW}

Jul 12th 2008 10:15AM I will be the first to admit that I under cut other buyers in the auction house. The truth is I want mine to sell first. All though I am not one of those that sell 1 item at a time which I do find rather annoying to be honest. I prefer to sell things in bunches because to me that will yield more money in the long run.

I think a good solid way to make money is to take you 70 and run some of the lower dungeons and sell what you were able to pickup. If you’re an enchanter you can place some really nice enchants on weapons and armor that will give it more of an eye appeal.

Breakfast Topic: What do you want out of crafting? {WoW}

Jul 12th 2008 9:24AM I think it would be great if you could smelt items or equipment into useable ore as well.

Welcome back to beautiful Alterac {WoW}

Jul 8th 2008 9:36PM Honestly after playing AV all this last weekend I think it really comes down to players vs. experience. What I mean is that you have people who have it in there head that they are going to do this and that will be all. I play only as the Horde and I can honestly say that we lost more then we won any games. It’s actually fun to watch the Alliance play since they have the same strategy every time. Kill Gav, and then make a run to the RH while some defend and others cap towers. They do it all the time and that is why they win.

The Horde I think we have inexperienced players and players who refuse to listen and do what they want. The Rambo mentality if you will. We never have a set amount of Defense which since this new patch is very crucial to have. I mean so many people need to hold the base. That alone would stop any zerg from anyone Horde or Alliance. People need to listen to direction. I know when I am playing if someone asks me to go defense or hit a specific place then I go. I mean when I play AV I am there to win by whatever means. If that means I am not on the front line capping towers then so be it.

The one thing I really miss is the team work you have in normal pve raids. I mean people that I play with on the battlegrounds are the same I raid with from time to time. During raids they have no problem listening to people or the raid leader where as in battlegrounds they refuse to listen which is why I wish the battleground leader could have the ability to kick people from the field. Anyway just my rant.

Bornakk doesn't outright deny the July 3rd rumor {WoW}

Jul 2nd 2008 8:31PM Come to think of it that makes sense. I mean what would be the point of releasing a beta when you have not finished 2.4.3 patch. So I would think beta would be out after that patch went live.

Bornakk doesn't outright deny the July 3rd rumor {WoW}

Jul 2nd 2008 6:43PM Personally I am a bit tired of the whole cloak and dagger routine by Blizz. Personally I really do not see anything wrong with why not just send out a release date or date for the beta test. If it changes then make announcement on it. I mean I can respect them for not wanting to have something come out until they feel it is ready but at the same time if they give out a release date and they know its not ready and have to push it back then I am okay with that. Which same goes for the beta test? If still need work on alpha then okay push back beta. This whole routine they have about giving us hints is getting a little old and a bit childish if you ask me.