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Roleplaying is a wave of the future {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2008 3:06PM Did you even read the article?

He didn't say Roleplaying is something that was invented 5 years ago, or that WoW in some way revolutionized RP.

No, he said that Roleplaying as we know it really didn't exist before the '60s. The claim is that culture is becoming more collaborative.

While I do agree that collaborative and interactive storytelling is becoming more common and complex, I think it's been around in some form as long as we've been able to communicate.

However your arguments and references to technology and television less then 20 or so years old really aren't valid. The article is talking in terms of the span of human civilization while your busy declaring "Thats sooo 1995."

Breakfast Topic: Looking forward to Wrath (revisited) {WoW}

May 12th 2008 11:44AM Three words...

Murloc rep faction

Ask WoW Insider: WoW runs slow {WoW}

May 12th 2008 9:28AM I didn't even catch that while reading the email but I can almost guarantee thats part of the problem.

I used to see that all the time where I worked, Customer would install their antivirus of choice without removing the trial that came with their computer. It would grind everything to a halt.

Ask WoW Insider: WoW runs slow {WoW}

May 12th 2008 9:25AM With so little information on the system it's hard to give solid advice but heres a couple of ideas...

It sounds like the machine may need RAM 20 FPS is not horrible (from a non hardcore gamer POV) but the harsh drop in Shatt suggests the system can't handle the extra people which usually means the system only has 512 MB up that to 1GB if possible and it will make worlds of difference.

If the OS install is a few years old you may need to reinstall, or it may just need a defrag, if it's really bad the Windows utility may not be able to help in which case go get Diskkeeper (free 30 day trial on their website, google it) or some other disk utility to clean things up a bit.

If you have a lot of programs running on you system tray (the icons on the bottom right bar) that will slow you down, consider turning off as much as you can.

Same goes in game with Addons. My wife does this and it bugs me, sh has an older computer that runs WOW ok until she installs two dozen addons, then it runs at around 5 fps in cities and raids.

Umm lets see... what else?

If you computer emits grinding or clicking noises that could be a sign of a slowing or failing hard drive. Most systems have a hard drive test in the BIOS (hit del or f1 or whatever to load when the computer is turning on) that you can run that MAY tell you if theirs problems.

I've had good results using Trend Micro's house call online virus/spyware scanner if you think it's a virus or malware (strange icons or behavior are some signs of this). You can find it here

These lots more you can do but thats a good start :D

I will gladly clarify any of this as needed, just ask.