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Are achievements optional? {WoW}

Mar 18th 2009 6:01AM I completly agree with Plastic Rat. Most of the achievments are complete bullshit. Shiny baubles if you will, and it irritates me to no end when people are running around the countryside without being interested in it to get some stupid achievment done, an 'achievment' by the way that in no way should ever be qualifiesd as one.

So in that respect i consider the achievment points to be complete and utter crap.

There are a few though that do stand out, and these would be the same achievments that were valued before, because they actually did mean something. That you had cleared certain content and were thus more likely to also have mastered it.

Do i put any weight in achievments? None whatsoever. When recruiting a new player i always try to judge the persons character. As i've always said, experience and gear can be gained, skill can be learned, but personality you're stuck with.

Breakfast Topic: How hybrid DPS could still get screwed in Wrath {WoW}

Nov 9th 2008 9:27AM People who are willing to adopt, take one for the team etc will be much more popular and get alot more fun-game-time than people who just want to pew pew. Over the years i've played i've seen core groups crystalize, and they've always been the same kind of people.

The kind who will level up a tank, a healer and a dps so they can fill every role needed, or the hybrid who is willing to respec for the task at hand. Almost every group or raid stands or falls with these guys. In the end they may sometimes end up switching roles between eachother, and yea, it's fun :)

One reason tanks won't PuG {WoW}

May 12th 2008 11:16AM Just this morning i was asked by a friend to pug MgT HC, i was going to say no, i dont do pugs, but i thought for a bit and said ok, shoot. Atleast i know the healer is great.

Now my tank is not my main, in other words, he's mostly blue with a touch of purple, but i know the game and i've tanked Mgt heroic before aswell as other instances and karazhan with him.

Turns out a certain shaman on the team who is newly dressed in endgame epics has got hubris, and aparantly he also believes everyone needs to be T6 to be able to do MgT, and we absolutle MUST have a rogue and a mage, ofcourse he's complaining about me at first but he's basicly told to shove it by my friend in a very diplomatic way. The rogue we invited is clad in mostly gladiator's so the Shaman starts complaining about that. Rogue leaves (obviosuly) and seeing what caliber this shaman is i take off aswell. whereby this shaman whispers me, and i quote "ur a fcking nab tank! get some better gear nerd".

Irony being ofcourse that my main character is one of the more well known and fairly respected oldtimers on the server. However i'm thinking of shelving him in favour of the tank if we decide to back to raiding.

Now with experiences like this? Keep spamming the LFG for tanks all you want, i've turned that channel off. This tank 'aint puggin!