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World of Warcraft dips to a mere 11.4 million subscribers {WoW}

May 10th 2011 10:17AM In discussing the length of time it takes to run a Cata instance, you also have to figure in queue times for DPS. It was anywhere from a half hour to 40 minutes for me this weekend. Even if you can do other things while you wait, if you get a PuG that falls apart and can't complete the dungeon, or it takes longer than an hour to get through the dungeon because the tank or healer drops and you have to requeu, that's a huge chunk of time spent trying to get one random completed, and it can feel like a waste. I realize we aren't at end-of-Wrath gear levels where we can steamroll instances, but four months into the expansion, Heroics ought to be more relaxed and less stressful.

World of Warcraft dips to a mere 11.4 million subscribers {WoW}

May 10th 2011 8:03AM I don't know why the subscriber base has declined, or even if the decline is particularly important since the numbers are still so high. However, without making any unprovable generalizations about the game itself, I'll talk a little about why I personally have found the Cataclysm experience less than satisfying. Gearing up via the dungeon finder can be an exercise in frustration for a DPS. Typically, you wait 30 minutes or more for a Heroic, then have everyone quit in anger when the group can't clear the first boss in the dungeon. Four months into the Cataclysm expansion, and I still can't find a Dungeon Finder PuG that can get past Corborus in Heroic Stonecore! I've largely stopped using the DF on my DPS alts. I still use the DF on my healer; I have more success in groups that I'm healing, but I refuse to waste my time waiting for a no-doubt fail PuG on my DPS characters. There may be a small contingent of players who like a more difficult, and thus more limiting game experience, but I liked the fact that in Wrath I could almost always count on a successful DF run; I never felt like I'd just wasted over an hour of my life. Of course, there is more to do in WoW than run dungeons, but again as a casual player with time constraints, I'm limited. I can level alts, but that only satisfies for a limited time. Ultimately, I level alts because I want to do something with them at end game...which I feel restricted from doing for reasons outlined above. Without the end goal to look forward to, leveling alts becomes a "what am I doing this for, again?" proposition. The fun of leveling, in and of itself, only motivates me so far. PvP is another option for casuals, but that has some of the same frustrations of Cata PvE only instead of wiping multiple times, I wait for a shorter period of time to get into a random BG, then spend most of the match in the graveyard. And we usually lose in the end, too. Fun fun. That's sarcasm--it's not fun. There is so much about the game that is just not fun anymore. I continue my subscription because I like the people with whom I play, my friends and guildmates, but as they drop out one by one, I lose that motivation to play, as well. I don't foresee myself continuing my subscription as the summer months drag on.

Guest Post: How to succeed in dungeons without really trying {WoW}

Jan 3rd 2011 3:21PM Although this might require more work than most people are willing to put into the game, use index cards to make a quick guide for each boss or each dungeon you might encounter. Keep them at your desk or wherever you play WoW, and you'll have a reference at hand that doesn't require you alt-tab out and load a page.

Guild chat coming to the Mobile Armory app {WoW}

Sep 21st 2010 3:10PM And god knows, none of us today have the power to resist immediately responding to a text, IM, or Facebook message. How will WoW players ever hold down a job, make love to our spouses, or feed our kids, when there is always this insidious threat of guild drama imposing itself upon our real lives via phone apps we can turn off or ignore? Oh right, we can turn it off or ignore it. Yeah.

Guild chat coming to the Mobile Armory app {WoW}

Sep 21st 2010 3:05PM Pretty sure you can turn off those guild member alert notifications in the options. You can sit here all day thinking up possible worst case scenarios, but it's a waste of energy, frankly. Wait until people begin using the feature and posting about its flaws and benefits--then waste your energy complaining.

The Queue: /facepalm {WoW}

Sep 7th 2010 1:34PM In Cataclysm, do we still have to travel to Outland to learn profession recipes up to 350, and Northrend to learn recipes up to 450? Or do the main cities now act as profession hubs where we can train to skill cap?

The Queue: Playing favorites {WoW}

Jul 26th 2010 3:44PM This has probably been asked many times, but in Cataclysm, are non-Death Knights able to access Acherus: The Ebon Hold. I'm guessing yes, since flying is available, but who knows. Maybe Blizzard wants to keep that place an exclusive Death Knight's only club.

Shifting Perspectives: Pulling 101: Assessing the group {WoW}

Jul 21st 2010 9:47AM I used to feel this way, but you might as well give up on this point. Learn to drink on the run. You don't have to be topped off the entire run--half mana for most of the run is OK. Even on my Priest, I've learned to live with the speed freak mentality and most of the time I appreciate getting through a dungeon fast. Another little trick I've learned on my priest is when I want to drink, I shield the tank, put renew on him, then sit down to drink just before he pulls and I am out of combat. If the DPS kills the trash quick, sometimes I can spend the entire pull drinking. If you're DPS, then even better--since you don't have to heal, drink during the next trash pull. You have to learn mana regen tricks like this because tanks aren't going to accommodate your obsessive need to always be at full mana.

Around Azeroth Beta Edition: The gulf between us {WoW}

Jul 14th 2010 10:27AM This doesn't look finished. It's too abrupt, closer to how it would look currently, on live, if you could fly over it. Maybe when Cata goes live we'll something like a mountain range dividing the Badlands and Loch Modan. It would make more sense, given that Uldaman seems to be buried deep beneath a mountain.

Lichborne: Unholy DPS in Wrath of the Lich King {WoW}

Jun 30th 2010 7:07AM I've always thought Corpse Explosion ought to be tweaked to make it a more desirable talent--maybe even an Unholy DK signature spell. I played Diablo II (or was it Diablo that had the Necromancer?), and Corpse Explosion was fantastically fun when fighting multiple mobs. There isn't a DK build that puts the single point into it, though. Maybe in Cata it could be one of those optional talents we take with our extra five points; I'd definitely take it just for the fun of exploding bodies during all those AoE trash pulls in five mans.