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Is it really OK for Arthas to be 10-mannable? {WoW}

May 13th 2008 7:50PM I think the only thing that will really set the two apart is the loot.

I am currently raiding MH, BT and occassional forages into SWP at the moment, so I have alot of raiding "experience" too back up my opinion, and its this.

The loot from 10 man lich king should be abut the same level in quality as the stuff you'll be getting in the first 25 man raid, if say BT could be a ten man and twenty five man right now, the gear you would get from 10 man illidan should be about as good as the stuff you get from the earlly bosses of SSC - TK. Slightly better than the very first 25 man stuff sure but not one step behind the stuff 25 man raids are getting.

Its a pretty simple reason why to be honest, if u could get gear too kill the first end bosses (azgalor archimonde sharahz illidari and illidan) from a 10 man black temple/ hyjal, requiring gear from a 10 man gruul, maggy, serpentshrine, tempest keep, you would, it would be faster, and then u can get too the boss people really wanna kill in the 25 man raids, but skip the time too get there by actually doing all of the 25 mans.

I also hope that the gear from 25 man raids looks different too that off 10 mans, certainly no different stated version of the exact same thing, and no frostmourne at all.

many people might say that I'm an elitist for thinking like this, and that couldnt be further from the truth. If I wish too spend more time, more dedication and more effort too try and eventually kill a 25 man Arthas, I would like something too set me apart from the people that went in and killed him in the still very hard but easier too get too version.

I dont care much about the loot, I prefer the intruitive boss designs that wow has, which just cant be done with only 10 people, such as azgalors 1 by 1 killing of raid members as an example, would never work with just 10 men even if it did happen 2.5 times less, the way 25 man raid team members compliment each other is much different to that of a 10 man raid member.

I think this is a great idea if implemented properly, both crowds of players are given there content, if you just like the roleplaying element of killing the lich king, you can go 10 man, you'll get it, it wont cost you so much time, if you like the gameplay element of getting a good group of 25 solid players, with allot of dedication too fight a trinky boss with a hard too even work out strategy, and then implement it, your catered to too, and the only way too split them up is by loot, good loot for the 10 man hero epeener's, better loot for the difficulty epeener's.

So long as 10 man versions of these instances arnt offered for loot whores too get the 25 man version down faster i'll be happy, because its essentially spitting in the face of the people that went through each of the 25 man raids, for them to recieve the same gear as a guy that did the quicker too progress easier 10 mans then step strait into the 25 man version lat minute too get the truely uber gear.

And anyone who says "saying you should see more content based on time spent in the game is wrong when we all pay the same" your right, but its easy too forget that you should be rewarded beter for spending more time in a game, even if we pay the same, you should be alloud too kill arthas if u cant spend 10 hours a day playing etc, but you shouldnt be rewarded equally.