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A walking tour around the Roleplaying realms {WoW}

Jan 13th 2009 12:30PM Direct from the Q&A linked...

"Q) Why Goldshire/Silvermoon/Stormwind/Brill ?
A) Because these are universal locations on every sever. Yes, I know these locations have a bad reputation. However, to be fair to every server and try to create an even perspective of each servers 'culture' I need to use locations that offer the same opportunities as all others. Also, on a lvl 5 alt, I can't get locations such as Dalaran :( . If you look at the tours, every server is NOT the same. Goldshire and other locations do in fact vary per server.

Take a moment to compare, look around. Don't beleive me, tour yourself. What will you find? Please do share."

Also, theres no clear judgement that I have seen so far. Judgements are on the reader.

The rise of disease {WoW}

May 13th 2008 11:19PM Cloak of Shadows (rogue ability, lvl 70) - purges disease debuffs. Disease counts as nature damage I think. I use it often in ssc - where wandering plagues and such are a factor..I just cos out of any disease and parasite issues I get on my rogue. Perhaps that will work against the DK plagues?

RP descriptions and you {WoW}

May 10th 2008 6:08PM Here is my characters descritpion. She is an undead rogue...that is in fact a banshee making creative use of her ability to possess a form..that being she uses the "husks" of the dead as a body of her own. I even rp out her different bodies as they fall apart, rot, and are ultimately disposed of. The banshee ability to possess a body (living or dead) is pure lore and if you ahve questions just contact me and Ill point you towards lore references.

She perfers to make use of NE corpses for her own physical form.


The very mask of death greets those who gaze upon this particular Forsaken. Once lively and delicate flesh has been striped bare to the bone, leaving bare a skeletal mask that greets all with a cold and harrowing grin. Her boney face is laid bare back to the edges of hair, where her flesh tapers in, and giving way to her wild mane of dark plum hair. Her ears are seemingly clipped; cutting short what might have once been the very ears of an elf.

Banshih's armor is fine, some of the finest of her trade .However as is the nature of her duties, her armor bares the scars and marks of many fights. What parts of her delicate and lithe frame are visible out from under her armor bare humbling scars, and marks from the ravages of foes. It is obvious that Banshih is a war vet who's seen far too many long nights and battles to recount them all. Upon her left shoulder pad are number tick marks, no doubt a score count for kills.

A betraying and out of character aspect of Banshih's persona is her voice - if any part of her were to ever be attractive it would be such. Her voice is deep, a near purr that's inviting and mellowing. No matter the chaos about, the rage within, or the situation her voice is always that soft confident tone. Perhaps her voice betrays a vastly unknown aspect to the rogue.

About her neck hangs a delicate gold crusaders cross upon a golden chain.

Some know Banshih as sort of macabre savior, ....most know her as a cynical monster. "Bar fighter", "Death Stalker", or simple..."Banshih" her titles are endless.....whatever the name one might know her as - there is no true identity pinned to her. Perhaps, she is as she seems to most....a creature lost to the Forsaken war machine.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Current DeathStalker Assignment: Unknown / Not publically disclosed
Theme Song: 'Good Luck' by Basement Jaxx