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How to convince tanks to PuG {WoW}

May 16th 2008 11:36AM ok, so yes, you need to maximize your dps... and your pet, yes you need to keep it healed... and your traps, yes they have a longer cooldown than they last... however...

a) clever traps... learn it.

b) get omen, work out a rotation of your abilities with maximum damage output... dps until your just below the tank in threat... job done.

c) Your traps... you have a specific length of time until they fail... you should know when they're about to and you can focus on being ready to kite then trap them again.

Though this isn't usually a problem since with hunters i tend to only ask them to do it once, because i always take a mage with me... this allows me to cc 2 mobs, nuke one during trap time then be ready to pick up that mob and add it to the group i'm tanking.

Though good chain trapping is always welcome, i'm usually confronted by a hunter who's still dpsing whilst being charged down and about to be hit in the back of the head by the mob they trapped if i ask for that.

d) As for your pet stealing agro... as long as he's attacking the right target this will rarely if ever happen... well, with a good tank... and if he does get agro, the tank will get it back again within seconds.

There are alot of pets i've just left to die because i got sick and tired of hunters trying to off tank mobs instead of focusing on the marked targets (even when i told them repeatedly).

And yes, your job is the easiest in the game... all you need do is focus on your threat meter, attacking and remember your trap timers... i need to focus on everything and everyone, so does the healer.

Though i will admit in a very good group tanking isn't that hard. What makes tanking hard is the unexpected and stupid mistakes made by others...

And nah, you don't seem like a huntard timothy... your reply was well thought out and intelligible... and you didn't call me a noob once :p


How to convince tanks to PuG {WoW}

May 15th 2008 6:35PM Oh, and any other tank feel their absolute bane is rogues and feral druids that want to stun mobs as they're incoming to where you want to tank them? (repeatedly) ...

Usually followed by that patrol you were going to avoid coming to find you killing their buddies. (the patrol is never pleased).

How to convince tanks to PuG {WoW}

May 15th 2008 6:15PM Haha it's all so horribly true... in the past week i have also
encountered a warlock needing on MY tanking cloak, a hunter who couldn't trap (because "traps suck bro"), several mages who never resheep, rogues (and a shaman) who mistakenly believe they leveled a warrior/tank, a ret paly with a shield...

And to cap it all off, a mage who pulled half a dozen mana worms which i quickly (and barely) tanked off him only to die on the last killing blow because our healer was afk (which is why we were waiting) when he pulled them... to which he said "lol"... not even sorry... should have just left him to it n headed back to the instance door til they reset in retrospect... but what kinda tank takes that attitude... gotta love a death defying rescue effort now and then :p

Though needless to say, i left after that...and the last thing he did was call me a noob for leaving... /banned... i would stick to the people on my friends list but they're all healers bar one mage from my guild.

Good dps are so few and far between... which is amazing considering it's the EASIEST JOB IN WOW! i mean c'mon, all you have to do is ATTACK THINGS IN THE ORDER I MARK THEM UP! and maybe WHEN ASSIGNED CC KEEP AN EYE ON THEM FROM TIME TO TIME?


(Capitals for any dps that happen to be reading this, just wanna drill that into their minds :p)

However on a plus note, i have occasionally (very very occasionally) found a group where it all goes so smoothly that half way through i'm not even marking more than skull for first kill and cc just do their thing, though it usually turns out i'm playing with alts and pretty much the entire group have tanks or healers as their mains. *faux shock* :o

anyway, venting over :p ... and good article man :)