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The Daily Grind: How important is your character's armor appearance? {Massively}

Sep 30th 2010 9:20AM I don't care about the appearance of my armor... until I care about the appearance of my armor.

It does help if my armor matches or looks cool to some extent. You know it's possible for heroes in comics, cartoons, and movies to look cool with scruffy armor. and then later they can look better, and then EPIC.. so i would prefer it be the same way.

There are some Games that start you with OK armor, quickly give you a cool set, and then by lvl 15 your mismatched leather and cloth shorts.

SOE adds EverQuest II Extended to Station Access {Massively}

Sep 16th 2010 11:52AM Ok I figured it out.

Station access gives you a 1 month sub to each of those games if you already own them.

So if you have not purchased EQ2 yet and you have station access you can play EQ2X GOLD, but you cannot play EQ2.

SOE adds EverQuest II Extended to Station Access {Massively}

Sep 16th 2010 11:50AM the 4 tier Chart Sony Provided always marked Gold as being included with Station Access. Back during EQ2X launch My friends and I already had Station Access, and we assumed the gold had not kicked in cause of some issues they were still working out.

So maybe they are not announcing that it is now included, maybe they are now announcing that they got it working?

Aion's Assault on Balaurea releases today with new trailer {Massively}

Sep 7th 2010 3:31PM I went back during the welcome back weekend they had... I felt the grind right away as if I had just been playing the game the day before.. i have not played since release.

Such a good looking game and i like the systems in place, but it just can't hold my attention.

So i played during release and then i played 3 weeks ago.. felt no difference.

Defining Playstyles: Beyond casual vs. hardcore {WoW}

Sep 1st 2010 2:11PM Yep I am Time Crunched, but I want to be a Jenkins atleast.

Burger King uses 'musical shower' as latest trick to entice Japanese clientele {Engadget}

Jul 8th 2010 10:47AM @winst Me too. they have it in the London Rock and Roll hall of Fame.

Burger King uses 'musical shower' as latest trick to entice Japanese clientele {Engadget}

Jul 8th 2010 10:47AM The tech may not have been as good, cause I was 9 when i first experienced it back in 1989, but I did run into this technology on the Rock and Roll hall of Fame in London.

When you walk around the place it is pretty quiet, but if you get close enough to an exhibit then you get blasted with load music and someone talking about the artist.. take 2 steps back and total silence.

So if the tech was that good in 1989 I assume it will probably be even better now. Granted I was 9 and at the time; Hero Turtles, Transformers, and GI Joe all looked amazing to me. As many of us know they now look kinda cruddy... so it's possible the tech was not THAT good at the time.

Breakfast Topic: Where were you on your day off? {WoW}

Jun 30th 2010 12:10PM I finally watched the movie "Narc"
Not at all what I expected, but still good.

It felt geneeric, but I think that is cause so many movies used things it originated.

anyways Back onto boxing my 4 toons tonight! Lecutas, Lecuton, Lecuta, and Lecutia..


Breakfast Topic: Dealing with unpleasant players {WoW}

Jun 8th 2010 7:43PM @Sinfulle QQ= crying. I thought so... could have looked it up, but sometimes I just ask.

Anyways, I wasn't 100% sure if I was being QQ at the time. It was my first time in there and i knew that as the tank it was my job to lead, atleast it usually rolls down to the tank to lead when in doubt. So i felt bad pushing any points seeing as I was not going to make the best leader at that time. So I figured it was best to allow my companions to smack on me abit... and for all i knew it was warranted... as you have both made clear.. it was probably not warranted.

Anyways i try not to get involved in any drama, and despite the 2 wipes I am still a low level so the cost of repairs and the down time really is minimal... in ither words i justified the situation, but we finished the instance and i quickly teleported out.

I do thank you both for your input. It does help me feel better about the situation. Once I am more comfortable with how the instances i am are suppose to be run i will start laying down the law some more.

and best of all.. in the end it is a game.. even i begin to slide down that other slope.. only a little i admit, but it is a game just like peggle, tetris, or Candy Land. so i try to keep that in mind when I begin to stress.

Breakfast Topic: Dealing with unpleasant players {WoW}

Jun 8th 2010 4:42PM I was accused of being QQ... still not 100% sure what that means. Carebear?

Anyways one of our DPS kept running ahead and aggro-ing things and fighting them alone.. a lot like newbs back in the EQ1 days... well he wasn't getting killed, but I had to keep rushing ahead with 2-3 mobs already on me to pull the aggro before he died... I was waiting for someone else in the group to make a comment.. like the healer, but no one did.

So when we were fighting a boss and he ran over to the chest and waited next to it whil we fought it.. that was my last straw. I was not angry I just wanted to remind/inform him of some MMO etiquette. Stay with the group, try not to loot while fighting, etc...

I asked him to try not to run ahead I don't want us to get overwhelmed or for us to wipe. and I made a quick comment about him waiting at the chest while we fought the mob.

He snapped back at me to not to tell him how to play, and informed me he knew what he was doing... The healer said "OMG why am i always grouped with a QQ." "Every PUG there is atleast 1 QQ."

I kept at the pace he was forcing us to keep my tankadin regularly out of mana with no time to get more. and the mage was OOM most of the time also.. we eventually did wipe 2 times, and that's when I again asked him to slow down... he snapped at me again and the healer began vrying about QQ's in her group... I could only assume she was talking about me cause I wanted to take things slower... but I waited after 2 wipes to push the point and I was still the QQ... oh well.