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Ready Check: Death and Raid Guilds {WoW}

May 17th 2008 5:37PM WOW has always done this from the beginning. They let the Ubers have at it and get there gear then after 4 to 6 months they let the rest of us have a shot at the good stuff. And it will only continue. This is a quote about ROTLK from Jeff Kaplan at Blizzard "I'm sure a subset of the snobbier, "l33ter" players are going to feel that Blizzard has lessened the experience by letting the lower-class rabble in, but screw those people." He is talking about giving all 25 man instances a 10 man version. If you are and uber that feels like you have been cheated but wellfair epics and the like you best find a different game because it is not going to get any better.