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Mana and energy regeneration mechanics revamped on Beta {WoW}

Jul 30th 2008 3:14PM First off, it's not exactly a steady rate as implied, but rather smaller ticks. Though I'm not certain on the size of the ticks (are the ticks always the same size, say 1 mana, and the rates change depending on your regen; or is it the same interval, say 1 second and the amount regen'd changes accordingly?), the system hasn't changed all that much. Same effect, smaller increments.

As for it's effect on gameplay, it's pretty good. The system change would make it seem to go faster than usual. For mana users (or at least warlocks), it's generally a non-issue sort of deal. Healers may appreciate it a bit more though. Rogues and catform druids will like the changes I imagine, or it may throw off their rhythm.

Interesting change.

Are tanks the most drama prone? {WoW}

Jul 13th 2008 2:34PM I wouldn't be so sure to say tanks are the most drama-prone.

Rather, it may just be the weight carried by everything they say. If a tank complains or whines, they know full well people HAVE to at least listen to it.

If a DPS whines, people tell him to suck it up and move on. DPS is the most expendable role after all.

A healer is more likely to have his or her issue addressed. They are not less expendable than tanks in 5 and 10 mans, but there may be a few extra people waiting in the wings if they whine in a 25 man.

If a tank complains? Oh bugger, if we don't listen this whole raid night is a goner. If he leaves or refuses to tank, we're not gonna have another quality/geared tank for months!

It may more related to how much power they have and how they choose to abuse it. They cannot be thrown aside most of the time, where DPS is likely to if they don't smarten up, and the same may be said for healers in some situations.

The issue may be that they can whine and get away with it more than more desire to than the rogue who pulled aggro because the tank was half asleep.

Nonlinear dungeons return in Wrath {WoW}

Jun 29th 2008 5:19PM Oh yes, I LOVE non-linear dungeons.

They're a staple of many other famous games, notably Zelda, Castlevania and especially Metroid. As seen with BRD though, it can easily go in a completely opposite direction in terms of quality if not done to perfection.

Linear hallways are incredibly boring IMO. It's just one trash pull after another, kill a relatively simplistic boss once in awhile, and repeat. They're pretty much the tank & spank version of instances. In some cases this is it quite literally.

I welcome the change to non-linear dungeons, hopefully a bit longer too. More opportunities to flex the mental muscles too would be a welcome addition.

As noted, they are very rough on most PuGs. But over simplifying to make things more efficient or easier to farm really takes away from the experience.

By making them harder, would that lead to an increase in the quality of most players? People would have to learn somehow, and play smarter. But if they don't need to, they won't.

And to be honest, I think adding more challenge to the casual aspect of the game will be great. Because unless you have large amounts of time to dedicate to end-game raids... there is little to no challenge in PvE.

If you don't like PvP, and lack the time for high end raiding, what can you do if you're looking for a meaty challenge?

Tank Talk: I love tank {WoW}

Jun 20th 2008 12:33AM I'm levelling a tank (several actually, can't decide between a pally or warrior, or race for that matter) at the moment, and I'm wondering just why the heck I didn't start sooner.

So far, I've tanked a few low level instances. And it's a lot more fun than sitting back and spamming the DPS button all day. And it's also easier to get a group, even compared to my 70.

It's not a tag along role, it's demanding, it's challenging.
And who doesn't like being the tough guy?

It's great to be the tank, especially when you think that the meters mean nothing. The tank does what he does, our performance isn't based on some offhanded quantity.

It's based on quality.

That's how I think games should be played, so I follow it.

When to kick {WoW}

Jun 18th 2008 2:45PM I have to agree with the author's kicking ideas.

We're all newbs at some point, and newbs need a place to learn. Kicking someone because they don't match up to the norm or ridiculously high standards players seem to have these days. This drives potentially great players off before they even have a chance. Skills can compensate for lack of gear, and if willing to learn, people lacking and skill can get it. Having good gear will not make up for incompetence. I wouldn't boot on the incompetence remark right away, I'd give them a chance because they are likely to be new players, hopefully. Depends on how bad they are.

Now, rude players are the real problem. I don't care if you're amazingly geared, insulting others means you're automatically on watch. If you continue this behavior (there is a right to be pissed off, and some people can get a little vulgar when they are), or show that you are in fact a bad player as well as rude... so long. Also, top marks for proving that chivalry isn't entirely dead.

And finally... tanking without pants? Hilarious.

Breakfast Topic: What tank should I level? {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2008 9:27AM Well.... this is quite the question.

After having a 70 DPS class for so long, I decided I wanted to tank. I wanted to tank when I first started WoW (looked fun), but levelling a warrior proved to be a tad too challenging for me in that newbish state.

Now that I have the patience and the experience within the system, I'm planning on going through with my original objectives.

Currently, I'm levelling both a warrior and a paladin alongside eachother. Warrior is sitting at level 27 and the paladin at level 31. I'm currently at a loss at which one I should be following through with. I'm thinking that I will probably be levelling both to 70 before I finally decide which one is going to go the distance and do the real tanking.

The warrior definitely is the better at damage mitagation against one target. It's apparent even at this level, shield block is MUCH better than redoubt.

Incidentally, prot pallies (thanks to redoubt and reckoning, which most tanks don't rely on I hear) handle 2-3 targets better than they handle one. Interesting reversal.

I would suggest that if you want to go into endgame raiding, warriors are not only the old standby, but are more effective at damage mitagation. And the spec (yep, levelling the warrior prot, I'm a little on the crazy side) is more active and challenging to play, if you like that sort of thing.

Paladins are the casual's tank. Nothing wrong with that, but many times when doing 5 mans and heroics, they seem to idiot proof the runs. This is making them VERY popular for good reason. Once you get into endgame raiding, their need for uncrushable gear (warriors get it through talents alone) hurts their mitagation. AoE tanking is fun, and levelling is definitely much smoother.

Decide how far you want to go, then stick to it.

Keys to a successful alt? {WoW}

May 17th 2008 8:09PM I started in December 2005... and my best alt was a level 33 (which actually preceeded my 70). Since then, I now have 3 level 20+ alts, working on my warrior currently.

Suffice to say I'm absolutely horrid at levelling alts.
But recently I'm buckling down to get the job done.

A tip of my own:

NEVER delete your alts. EVER (semi-acceptable if below level 10, but even then I wouldn't recommend it). Even if you think you're quitting the game. That level 33 I mentioned? He's long gone.

Persistence seems to my biggest problem. I tend to get bored easily, low level characters offer so few options compared to my 70 warlock.

But I think the warrior's picking up a bit, tanking is proving to be VERY fun.