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Is Karazhan no longer for entry level raiders? {WoW}

May 19th 2008 11:55AM We must be in the minority then. We actually enjoy bringing someone new to the game or an alt in horrible gear on a kara run or through a heroic.

Why shard it if someone can use it? Does it really matter if you get a few less shards on a run, or it takes 15 minutes longer?

You dont actually need 10 people to clear kara, and lets be honest 3 people can clear most heroics. A kara clear can take 2.5 hours even with 1 or 2 crappy geared people.

1 pally tank, a resto druid, and whatever other off healer(who can dps 80% of the time), and 7 dps and you are golden.

Besides if you help out 1 or 2 people a run, you end up getting a little more respect on the server, and its amazing how easy it becomes to get results in the trade channel when you need something.

A lot of times those players in blues are the ones driving your servers economy. Helping them get some gear that was going to become a shard, can pay dividends in return karma down the road.