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Breakfast Topic: Buggy memories {WoW}

Aug 11th 2008 8:24AM One of my favourites was a ZF bug with Hakkar himself.
In one of our early attempts we were wiped hard - or so we thought....
For some reason one of our Mages had become immune to damage and we watched and cheered for ages as she first ran out of mana blasting away and then continued wanding Hakkar.
30 minutes later with Hakkar neither doing any damage or healing himself it actually looked like eventually she would solo kill the Boss.
But through a mixture of boredom and fear of exploiting she eventually shifted position and broke the immunity.

To this day every time she joins a group or Raid alongside someone who was there we say "Ah we can't fail now this Mage solo'd Hakkar".

Deep Breath Syndrome and related ailments {WoW}

May 19th 2008 8:46AM Onyxia blatantly DID Deep Breath more due to an unrelated code change (bug). At the time we killed her every few days and she would DB 0-3 times per encounter.
After this patch in question (it's aeons ago) she did TWENTY THREE (23) Deep Breaths that encounter and the forum was flooded with tales of 15-20 DBs. At 23 we still had the most ever I think! :P
Anyway, Blizzard confirmed it and fixed it.

So you and everyone else who loves to drop this quote needs a new analogy.