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The Queue: Windows 7 and the Kalu'ak {WoW}

Oct 27th 2009 3:11PM i run wow on a basic entry level macbook (old white one) , and while i have no problem actually running the game, it tends to 'lag' if it gets overheated (my own fault for overabusing it i guess)

Breakfast Topic: They just don't get it... {WoW}

Oct 19th 2009 9:36AM my hunter has a red gorilla named Librarian

anyways, favourite refrence has to be Lost Vikings in Uldaman - Megadrive/ genesis ftw

The Queue: I don't really know what's happening here {WoW}

Aug 3rd 2009 5:19PM i actually listen to Justice - Stress when raiding

Zoltan scores over 10,000 achievement points {WoW}

Jul 21st 2009 4:36PM well said

Vin Diesel plays WoW. Probably. {WoW}

Mar 21st 2009 6:26PM jonathan ross is a legend!

also, if the guy played D&D for 15 years, he's most probably on a RP server

Around Azeroth: Test tube world {WoW}

Aug 25th 2008 1:25AM trousers of time lol - pratchett ftw

Disengage and trap changes coming to Wrath Beta {WoW}

Aug 15th 2008 10:35PM " On Topic: Hunters get yet another unneeded trick to pummel us from afar, yay. "

errrrmmmm , we're hunters, thats what we do, " pummel " you from afar. If I wanted to hit you from up close I would of rolled warrior / rogue.

Breakfast Topic: Your first step toward Azeroth {WoW}

May 19th 2008 6:10PM I'll declare three things that has led me to WoW

1. Sword of Vermillion Sega Megadrive / Genesis game
2. Warhammer / 40K Table Top Games - High Elves / Eldar FTW, oh and the White Dwarf magazine
3. David Eddings / Terry Pratchett / Tolkien - in that order