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How to convince tanks to PuG {WoW}

May 20th 2008 6:43PM Actually a reply to a lot of comments here

In my (currently over 2 years) wow experience i have grown a bit bitter. Especially since tbc came out and wow became a synonim for nerfs. I was raiding mc, aq in the old days n that was fun. Going in pugs was rather fun. TBC hit n i leveled mostly through pugs, was the easy life back then i have to admid. But since tbc came out n the lvling xp nerf arived all the brainless ppl seem to have hit 70 often with the wrong thought that beeing 70 = beeing good. Atm i'm happily raiding MtH n BT (illi almost downed today). And instances i might consider it for guildies only. Or people in my friends list whom i kno i can trust.

Might sound like irrelevant information to your post, but beeing asked if i have ever healed in instance x, or how high my +healing is is simply fustrating. Furthermore if you actually give them a chance they expect u to be able to keep them up in your gear and that therefor they have a free nukeitall ticket. Ok often u can pull it off, but the distress this brings really ruins the fun when i'm helplesly going through a whole series of buttons to keep a rogue without evasion on while all the tank can do is try n get the taunt immune mob of him. (take note that often this comes with gimped agro production since the tank wont get rage from getting hit)

Usually this gets followed by dps shouting woop that was fun gief more. While u n the tank seem to have a telephatic conection wich is screaming WHY!!

I'm stil of the belief that to certain degree skill > gear.
Ok gear matters a lot in certain things but... In my opinion a player who really wants to learn and help his party out isn't afraid of asking questions (how stupid they might seem) I aswel actually feel relieved if they ask something, at least i know that he wont risk whiping his party by goofing around.
Been a holy priest since lvl 10 somewhere at the beginning when wow came out n its stil the one class i prefer to play.
No other healerclass comes with this diversity ;)

Anyway good post, ejoyed reading it.
Hope more people wil read this, doubt it wil get me to actually go n do the instance but maybe i might. Costs of instances / hc's becomin to high. Seems like in tbc all instance mobs became poor.

How to convince tanks to PuG {WoW}

May 20th 2008 6:28PM u forgot most importantly FD aka a hunter should never ever pull agro.

Stil suprised bout the pet pulling agro part tho, I have a hunter alt n the times it happened to me it was because i forgot to deactivate growl from the pet bar (wel everybody is allowed a mistake as long as you learn from them i supose)

nyway further post coming at the end, just scouting through comments atm.