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Levels 30-40: How to level a hunter and stay sane at the same time {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2008 11:01AM Repetitive, yes. Hard, no. I think though, that you wouldn't get negative feedback if you phrased this more carefully. Most of us (by now) know the "gold farming" classes - hunters and rogues - and whenever people hear "hunter" and "levelling" in the same sentence they're expecting praise.

Especially those of us who were around before Patch 2.3.

I was playing a hybrid paladin who levelled in shockadin gear without MP5 and spent most of my levelling life using JoW to get mana back. My levelling experience was SLOW. Compared to that, hunters just fly. Forget repetitive, it doesn't matter if the mob's dead in a blink. The sheer euphoria of killing stuff so fast removed any hatred I had for the grind.

Not so much for the Horde {WoW}

Jul 16th 2008 9:03AM @Rossi:
Man, I normally agree with your comments but this -

"Thrall and his horde, however, ARE responsible for the actions of Grom Hellscream, Orgrim Doomhammer, and the other 'heroes' who took part in the genocide of the Draenei and who were never repudiated by the orcs. Doomhammer's a legendary hero, as is Hellscream, despite their actions."

Disagree. Blizzard calls this the New Horde. It's an entirely separate organisation from the Old Horde that Doomhammer served. Holding Thrall's New Horde responsible for this is... well I won't use your own analogy back on you. But you're leaving out Thrall's reasoning.

Doomhammer isn't considered a hero because he fell to the fel (which, incidentally, he didn't) he's a hero because he glorified the old ways ~after~ he bounced back, and encouraged Thrall in reforming the system. Put yourself in Doomhammer's sandals. No he didn't have the Legion's corruption, no he wasn't forced to attack the humans. But the Horde was at that point - as Gul'dan described it in the WC2 manual - a war machine that needed to be directed at an enemy if it were to be prevented from destroying itself. So he HAD to continue the war with the humans, whether he wanted to or not. If he did anything else, the corrupted Horde would've called him weak and called for his head.

And Thrall didn't even KNOW what Grom was doing, other than cutting trees.

Thrall: Hey Grom, cut those trees. I'm going away for awhile.
Grom: Great! *cuts trees* Ah! Elves *cuts elves* Ah! Demigod! *drinks blood, becomes fel and cuts demigod*
Mannoroth: *asthmatic cough-laugh* You are mine!
Thrall: Hey I'm back and I've got... beer.
*cuts fel orcs and imprisons Grom's soul*
Grom: Thrall I'm sorry
Thrall: Shut up.

Grom became a national hero because he beat Mannoroth and the monument in Ashenvale ( confirms this.

I agree with Badger (comment 89) more than anyone else who posted here except for his statement about the elves striking the first blow in the Warsong conflict. TECHNICALLY that's true but you need to understand, these ladies practically venerated Ashenvale. They had nothing to do for ten thousand years except pine away for their boyfriends stuck in the Emerald Dream, and protect Ashenvale. That conflict was no one's fault really, it was just an inevitable result of boiling hormones. When the orcs - or more accurately Grom's team - killed Cenarius and after that, I doubt anyone could've gotten the Night Elves to ally with them for good after that.

The Horde can't be 'evil' because the Horde isn't united. There's the Eastern Horde - civilised, devious, magically inclined, cruel and the Western Horde - shamanistic, honour bound, primitive, expansionist.

You can't judge an entire race based on the actions of a couple of individuals who made bad decisions and less for a faction. I play both sides, I love both sides. I have a character of every race and play all except my trolls, because I can't find the time.

One last thing to ponder: it was humans and high elves - now blood elves - who formed the Guardians of Tirisfal and by extension, created Medivh. Without Medivh, the invasion never would have happened and the Legion would have destroyed Azeroth directly instead of trying to use the orcs.

And without the combination of the Alliance and Horde at Hyjal to stop them, they would have won.

All the World's a Stage: What Blizzard seems not to see {WoW}

Jun 30th 2008 4:05PM You know what I love about all these people who run around criticising roleplayers? There never even would have been a WoW in the first place, if not for D&D, which is far higher on most people's "geek scale" than WoW. There wouldn't have been levels, or hitpoints or any computer RPG at all. I mean, did you people shut your eyes in the notes for Patch 2.4?

Yet here we have a bunch of people insulting players engaging in the very activity that produced the game that we're all devoted to. Lovely. I don't even have to say anything else. They've pretty much insulted themselves by extension, since their Role Playing Game of choice is derived from what? *gasp* ROLEPLAYING.

Ask a Lore Nerd {WoW}

May 21st 2008 1:02PM On Illidan:

*He hates demons - in Warcraft III, when having his spat with Furion after being freed, he spits "I WILL hunt down the demons, but know this- I do not owe our people ANYTHING."

Like all demon hunters, he's practically overwhelmed with hatred for the Legion. He was the first and most prominent demon hunter - Sargeras himself put out his eyes and most of the demon hunters in the game seem to be associated with him. The novel account suggests that during the war against Azshara and the Legion, he had been trying to defeat/repel the Legion all along, but was too wrapped up in his desire for power to use any sane methods in doing so. The Warcraft III manual contradicts this, saying that he betrayed the Night Elven resistance to Azshara and was convinced the Legion would win. Oh well.

The game seems to be that the power/magic thing were really his major downfall. No, he wasn't a "hero" and he certainly wasn't selfless, but he wasn't a monster either. He was more of an antihero. The average person has some rudimentary loyalty to the place where they grew up, and if we're using the novel as our reference point, it seems that's what he wanted - to kick the squatters out of his proverbial backyard.

His voiceovers in WC3 sounded so... whiny though. Even in demon form. Ick.

By WC3: The Frozen Throne, he finally revealed the other side of the power coin: he had wanted to impress Tyrande. Tyrande rewarded his devotion by finally revealing why she'd rejected him for 10 000 years. Ouch. Basically, she was preferred the "inner strength" vibe to the "demonic tyrant" vibe. Furion's patience, discipline and compassion pretty much beat Illidan's hotheaded zeal.

And STILL he carries around a Memento of Tyrande. What a trooper.

@90 Great summary! I think there's one detail that shouldn't be left out though - like Sargeras, Ner'zhul isn't a "pure" villain (?!?!) - he BECAME evil rather than being evil from the beginning.
He first met Kil'jaeden in his meditations (or whatever shamans do) and negotiated with him because he wanted to advance the lot of the orcs. When he realised how evil the Legion were, he tried to back down, believing they would destroy his people. The Legion empowered the selfish, power-hungry Gul'dan instead, and that's how Warcraft I started. We don't see him again until the expansion to WC2, where he starts off trying to gain power and ends up breaking Draenor into Outland, and fleeing for his life, abandoning everyone else.

Know Your Lore: The Grimtotems {WoW}

May 2nd 2008 9:35AM @9 that's a valid point, and one I've seen before.

The tauren (in WC3 anyway) were a pretty low population race, and their civilisation was pretty traditional/tribalistic. There were NO evil tauren before WoW as far as I remember, which is pretty much why they had to invent the Grimtotems. Heck, my main's Alliance but they'd still be my pick for the most uncorrupted race and personally, I'm fine with that.

No one's saying they're perfect after all, just that there aren't enough evil tauren who've consolidated their power enough to build an instance for us to raid.... yet >:D