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Reader UI of the Week: Mvin's UI {WoW}

Apr 20th 2010 9:39PM Can't say I'm taken with this UI at all. There's nothing innovative about it (not that there really needs to be), but it's not totally practical either. As has already been mentioned, do you really need to have your HS and tradeskill buttons on an actionbar? Do you really need to see your stance bar as a dps warrior? I'm a fury warrior and I understand some like to stance dance but I personally don't. Do you really need to see that microbar thing? Do you really need to see all of your bag slots? I know some like their bag system split into different bags rather than using a one bag addon so maybe here it's allowable.

In terms of raiding, your eyes will have to do a fair bit of moving to keep an eye on CDs (with that CD addon and maybe timers on the action bars). Having Omen off to the right might not be so practical unless you rarely have to keep an eye on it. Both Omen and Recount are memory hogs and record tonnes of unnecessary information anyway. Get Skada and something like MyThreat or sThreatMeter2, they don't record TPS or stuff like that.

Even without keybindings there's a lot of space to save. If it's just a work in progress then maybe these refinements will be made. I just think that UI's such as ALZA, Ishtara, Duke, Tukui (already covered in this column) should get more mention for the practical and aesthetic approaches they make. Making space doesn't make things more practical necessarily, but aiming to make things practical will save space in the process.

SK Gaming wins MLG Columbus {WoW}

Jun 8th 2009 7:10AM I had a few problems on day 2 with the stream but on day 3 I had no problems at all watching it. I logged back on not long before the final match and got on fine with a good quality stream.

It is difficult to keep track of what's going on and I think post match analysis would greatly benefit from replays and slo mos etc but I don't think there was a lot of time for that, plus I'm not sure they even have the technology available to do it.

Blood Pact: How the mighty have fallen, 2008 in review part II {WoW}

Jan 1st 2009 8:58PM I agree with Cyanea's comment about the frequency of the Blood Pact column. It's clearly too PvP orientated and it's clearly too full of this stereotypical QQ. Nothing against Zach himself, he writes lots of other columns too but Blood Pact needs someone who is a regular raider (not necessarily hardcore) and not something which is too much about PvP. It's evident that PvE items in Blood Pact posts are kind of thrown in, not particularly interesting and is really common knowledge.

I write a warlock column on a blog which I can't mention here obviously but the posts I make are things such as explaining the hit rating mechanic in depth, listing good bits of gear to look out for and others. Currently I'm working on a review of many many raiding specs. I can understand these things take a lot of time but I think posts like that would be much better recieved than the current Blood Pact articles.

Blizzard misspells "Arthus" in Wrath's box {WoW}

Dec 13th 2008 1:51PM wow that's amazing, thanks for letting us know.

Steins come to the EU {WoW}

Nov 21st 2008 7:31PM 11" tall...that sounds like the proper 1 litre steins to me!

Around Azeroth: Detroit Rock Undercity {WoW}

Oct 29th 2008 12:28PM Check out MY codpiece!

Blood Pact: Affliction and Demonology in Patch 3.0.2 {WoW}

Oct 23rd 2008 8:39PM Hi Zach, thanks for the cool article. I haven't used affliction much myself and I'm still a bit confused at what the best rotation would be for dots in PvE? It seems a fair bit more complicated now with Haunt (on it's own as an extra dot) and then Everlasting Affliction on top of that. Perhaps it's just a case of ensuring that all dots are ticking away regularly?

What I've been trying myself like someone else has already said is 0/46/15, the FG/Ruin build. Apparently it's the top spec at 70 but I can't imagine deep Affliction would be far off. Certainly by level 80 Haunt/Ruin will rule all specs I should imagine. The spec I'm using, which is probably identical to what others have posted (wowhead isn't loading as I write this) is

I've been raiding as Demonology since I first got my 2nd bit of T5 and have loved playing it. Back then it wasn't really a good idea to go demonology without that set bonus but now thankfully it's been included via Fel Synergy, but what's better is that talent stacks with the set bonus for 30% healing which is great. I was really looking forward to what Blizzard had in mind for the extension of demonology and when I discovered it was demon form it all sounded so awesome. But I agree with your opinion on its usefulness and the actual talent itself. A warlock is a purely ranged class so to give it a melee form would obviously require a decent set of melee abilities...which we didn't get. And what was done to try and rectify that is allow us to use our regular spells (which are ranged), but that's not particularly useful when in melee range.

I don't really know if Blizzard are comfortable with completely removing a talent and replacing it, certainly this far into development and the imminent arrival of the expansion. Either they should do something drastic with it, or no one will ever bother with it. I guess kinda like Shadowfury, although I've never ever specced destruction so I couldn't say for sure.

Banned for no reason at all {WoW}

Oct 9th 2008 9:26AM Friend of mine got a ban a while back, and he got French law on Blizzard's arse, which basically said that my friend had a right to see all copies of Blizzard's logs that warranted a ban. In response to this Blizzard wanted a copy of his passport sent to them I think.

WoW Insider Show's Turpster on How I Wow {WoW}

Aug 16th 2008 7:34AM "and they sat down with Curt Schilling a while back to talk Warcraft (and a little bit about the WoW Insider Show, I understand, even if not by name)"

You really do hate the fact that Curt Shilling is a semi regular on The Instance and not the WoWInsider show don't you? :P

Poll: How much would you pay for an Amani War Bear? {WoW}

Jul 5th 2008 7:13PM By the way, you'd have more than 2k gold between 9 of you. ;)