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Insider Trader: Selling arrows in singles for the price of a stack scam {WoW}

May 18th 2010 6:23AM Because of this "scam", it takes every hunter a little bit longer to buy arrows on the AH, because they have to check more. So this behaviour is basically depriving me of "fun-time", by replacing it with "make-sure-Im-not-dealing-with-a-jerk-time". So I am losing out in real life because of this. Not much mind you, but I play wow to have fun and relax, not to play "can I be a bigger smart arse tham you", if I thought this was fun I would play online poker, where this behaviour is expected, and indeed neccessary and acually part of the fun.

And its legitimate to give Blizzard feedback saying "this is not fun" so that they can improve their product.

Blizzard should make AH default to "only display full stacks" of everything, and have the option to "display partial stacks" in my opinion.

The Lawbringer: Contracts and the achievement tracker {WoW}

Feb 9th 2010 3:23AM I believe, that in the EU at least there are 2 things that count against this analysis
1) The contract is not individually negotiated. This means that you as the consumer don't have the ability to Pro-tip I-III, and this has big effects on the ability of the contract terms to be enforced.
2) It is impossible for a consumer to sign-away consumer protection rights in a contract.

So in practice, unless or until someone goes to court, then who knows what the situation is.

However you would never be able to get compensation for "wasted time" if Blizzard deletes your account: you are assumed to pay a monthly fee to enjoy yourself, and the courts will say that you DID presumably enjoy yourself. If you renew your subscription you are basically saying to the world "last month was ok" ;)

However at the end of the day, if you truly care enough about this stuff to really worry about it, then I suggest that you turn off your computer, go outside into the sunshine and get a life! There are other things to do, you know FUN things

Breakfast Topic: What are you doing to protect your account? {WoW}

Jan 16th 2010 11:12AM What I have recently done is: instead of using a unique and very hard to guess username, I am now using my email-address as my account id.


Conclusions from the faction transfer survey {WoW}

Sep 10th 2009 9:41AM That would be 1.7 million gross revenue not 1.7 million net profit.

What does Blizzard have planned for a Cataclysm in-game launch event? {WoW}

Aug 28th 2009 5:38AM I think they could have ragnaross + co appear in Icecrown a couple of weeks before release, just killing the mobs there over and over again. Every day or so he would yell "DING".

World of Warcraft: The Magazine, coming soon {WoW}

Aug 20th 2009 6:54AM According to the guardian newspaper webby:

World of Warcraft: The Magazine will cost £29.95 for four issues in Britain, €34.95 in Europe and $39.95 in the US and the rest of the world.