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Forum post of the day: Table plz {WoW}

Jul 9th 2008 4:14AM I always ask nicely the first bg/bg's I enter.. when you get a reply back "sorry out of reagents" which happens a lot you just get annoyed.. Best time was in AV where we only had 1 mage, we got that reply.. on Galv the mage wrote "Spell dmg totem plz" where as I just had to stop and write "Sorry, I left the Air Totem in the bank".. got quite a lot of pwned messages.. made my day.. next AB there where 2 tables waiting on my arrival :D

I had another AV where another mage replied the same thing and on Drek he yelled "Heroism ffs!" where as I ofc had to reply "sorry, oom"

ofc one understand a mage that does 40 bg's per day and get asked every BG... on the other hand, Blizzard could have made each stack you take cost 34 copper so the mages wont loose their precious money they can't "farm" for :)

Or they could just remove all reagent costs while prearation buffed, why even have them there?

Ask WoW Insider: Casual Raiding -- does it exist? {WoW}

May 26th 2008 9:59AM If you happen to be Alliance you can check out
We are badly trying to keep progress while beeing casual having 3 raids a week to SSC/TK and only 33% attendance to be Casual Raider.. (below that you can still raid if there is a spot, you just can't join if there are raiders that want to come). The biggest problem we are struggling with is gearing up enough people to start MH, but we also have ZA/KZ/Gruul/Maggie on the schedule for casual people to gear up and get badges to keep the same advance level... It's a fine line and can easily break but so far we are managing.