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Deus Vox gets US first on Kil'jaeden {WoW}

May 27th 2008 2:35PM The biggest reason they do better is a widely varying culture regarding aspects of cooperation and communal effort, aspects which end up being integral to raiding.

In the States we emphasize competitiveness, individualism; we idolize the Lone Wolf, the maverick outsider hero. We relish our personal space, we don't like people "getting in our business" and telling us what to do. We can do teams, but we love being able to go it alone, "An Army of One".

Guess what? All of those aspects of the American psyche run completely contrary to the raiding game in WoW.

The Lone Wolf Hero is the jerk who wipes the raid, the guy who bristles at being told what to do to improve his game is often the under-performer who *needs* to be told just that. The guy who prefers to go it alone sometimes has a hard time following instructions from others, he may think he has a better plan.......

In Europe there is a bigger sense of communal spirit. People are closer together, both geographically and socially; they never had the same glorification of radical individualism. Many people actually not automatically thinking "I am better than All of You" can go a long long way in creating cohesive and effective team structure.......

It leads to an environment where people are better at working *very* closely with other people, at being told what to do, not getting angry at being asked to improve, not going out of the way to show off.

Sure I am making many generalizations...but, there has *got* to be some reasons that Europe is consistently ahead of the states in the crazy team sport of Raiding. Far far ahead when you look at overall aggregate numbers (not just World Firsts)

It is not just coincidence (mathematically not viable), not that all the better players just so happen to live there (ridiculous), not that they are *smarter* (a common and silly misconception). So those are my thoughts....take em or leave em!