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Pox holds RP workshops on Shadow Council this Saturday {WoW}

Feb 19th 2011 7:12AM Yay firefly :p

Pox holds RP workshops on Shadow Council this Saturday {WoW}

Feb 18th 2011 8:53PM Hey Snuzzle! Pox has a lifeguard, a kiddie pool, AND some of those goblin inflatable ponies.

(IN other words, we love everyone and you only learn by doing! Hop on in!)

Drama Mamas: When guild officers break up {WoW}

Feb 18th 2011 9:35AM My boyfriend and I were officers in the guild. We tried to make it work after we broke up but he was jealous. He would log on to a rogue alt and follow me around while stealthed to see what I was up to. I was the one who broke us up - he didn't want it to be over.

He eventually went his own way, joined the guild we raided with - so I stopped raiding with them and found another one to raid with.

Now, he plays Alliance, and we're able to be civil. We've both moved on. But I think if we had stayed in close contact, it would have festered like an infected wound. Now, it's better. It's healed over.

Breakfast Topic: What's been your best moment of cool? {WoW}

Feb 3rd 2011 10:30AM I thought of another. Some friends and I are in AB. We were one of the best Horde raiding guilds on the server at the time so we were either in T6 or T6-equivalent PvP gear. I was PvPing as a holy priest (I do it for fun, not for srs).

The Alliance has the mine and there's a big horde push going on to get it. The Alliance and Horde are fighting on that ramp/path down on the farm side. My friends are asking me to join them (I had just sneakily capped Stables while everyone was fighting at the Mine), so I'm heading over.

I ride down the Stables/Mine side. No one from the battle at the path does anything, though I am clearly visible on my white chicken.

And cap the mine. While the entire group is fighting just outside of range. No one stopped me.

And on vent, my friend Ghostscript goes "Oh my god, someone just sneaked in and capped the mine! HAHAHA!"

Me: Dude. That was me.


Breakfast Topic: What's been your best moment of cool? {WoW}

Feb 3rd 2011 9:41AM Our first A'lar kill. We'd been working on it for a while and we were damned close several times, but our druid tank sometimes would explode or things would just go wrong. This was back when you could still spell-reflect A'lar's flame pools to death.

Something went wrong; I think the druid-tank blew up, so things just started dying. We were so close! Everyone is desperately trying to finish A'lar off before we all die. The tanks go down, the some of the highest DPS goes down, the healers go down.

A'lar comes for me and I iceblock and he goes on to kill others. This was back when iceblock was a frost-only talent, and I was the only frost mage.

Once I unblocked, I started dpsing him again. I coldsnapped to get another ice block when A'lar came for me again.

When we got him down, I was the last person standing. 8)

Officers' Quarters: Guild wars {WoW}

Jan 26th 2011 12:28AM No matter the changes to the guild system, "retaliation" is NEVER justified.

Officers' Quarters: Guild wars {WoW}

Jan 26th 2011 12:19AM Forgive the crappy reply. iPhones suck for typing.

I am the GL of a small rp guild on Shadow Council. We raid, pvp, rp etc. Last expansion we were on lich king when I booted a tank and one of our highest dps. Another high dps quit - an officer - quit over it.

We never downed luck king. Lol at iPhone corrections. Luck king? Lich king. And we're fine. More active and happier.

Be honest with your guild. Tell them what is going on. Tell them if they want to go they can go, no hard feelings. But if they are going to stay, ask them to show solidarity with the guild in asking the harassers to stop contacting them. And ask them to report it if the behavior continues after a request to stop.

Don't let your people stoop to their level and just continue to have fun. Don't let the bitter butts destroy your fun.

The Lawbringer: The dangers of addon auto-updaters {WoW}

Dec 12th 2010 11:59PM I'm going to have to put my vote in with those who said this column is:

a. in the wrong series and
b. factually misleading and incorrect

While I very much belief a warning about account security is in order considering Cataclysm just came out, there's no point in shoving it in the wrong column and having it full of incorrect - sorry - crap.

ANY company that runs advertisements on their website or in a program will likely run flash adverts or adverts to 'unscrupulous' sites, because companies go to ad sellers, who in turn look at the potential audience of a site and pick the correct 'ad package.'

I've seen adverts come up for gold selling on this site's iPhone app. I've seen Google adverts on "reputable sites" selling gold - because those ads were sold by a third party who is not likely into the gaming scene and just is in it for the money. Sell ad. Ad is about WoW. Insert into "WoW ad package." Sell package to WoW sites. The end. It's how advertising works.

In order to get a virus on your computer, you need to run an executable of some sort. And NO legit add on requires you to run an executable. Addons for the game are not executables. They are notepad files with instructions WoW can interpret. That's it.

I use Curse's auto-updater. And yes, I do have an authenticator. But I've never been hacked and I only got it recently. I've had my officers hacked, and I've had guildies and friends hacked, but I'm not stupid.

I don't ever enter my blizzard information anywhere but and in the game client. And I don't install any sort of executable file regarding WoW.

And finally.

There is a proven way to get around an authenticator, though the usefulness of the workaround isn't all that impressive. The hack executable, once run, replaces the WoW executable with a fake.

Instead of sending your information to Blizz, it sends it to the hacker. This will show you an 'incorrect info' error, while the information - login, password, and authenticator code is sent to the hacker.

Assuming they have a 24/hr crew, they log in before the authenticator code expires and stay logged in until they're forced out by a correct log in from the user. Which is unlikely to happen because the WoW executable has been replaced.

The launcher runs a "check" on the WoW executable and is a hack protection in itself, but it won't protect you from putting your info out there where people can see it.

Now. Can we please actually talk about legal issues? There are some interesting legal cases going on regarding online gaming. A woman was recently charged with murder after her infant daughter was left untended because she had to play FarmVille. That's more relevant than this.

Arcane Brilliance: Cataclysm 101 for mages level 81 to 85 {WoW}

Dec 11th 2010 11:01PM My cousin's daughter, winter, is nicknamed the 'poop cannon'. She could shoot poop across the room. One time she managed to poop UP daddy's sleeve, up to his shoulder. It was.... Just wow.

Drama Mamas: Spearheading morality {WoW}

Oct 8th 2010 11:56PM My only problem with your response is telling the poster to to an RP Realm, because he doesn't have to RP to be on one.

While this is indeed the case, the amount of RP and the amount if trolls have decreased and increased respectively due to guidance like this.

I came to my realm to RP, and while it is nowhere as vile as a PVE server, it is not anywhere near as RP-heavy as it should be, and it becomes more and more like a PVE Realm every day.

Shop around - yes, by all means, look at other options, but PLEASE only consider an RP Realm if you are going to join in a bit.