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We Have a Tabard: Gone but not forgotten {WoW}

Sep 27th 2009 7:47PM Keeping mediocre players and not culling the deadwood will end up killing the guild, at least for raiding. I was in one where all the top officers were longtime members but none were raiding with the guild - either they pugged or didn't even log on, including the GM who had major life/job changes and didn't have the time but didn't make a change. At the end, rather than wait for the GM to log and sign on to a fixit plan, we all just moved our raid to another more supportive guild. It worked out great - we have a late raid, they have 2-3 earlier ones, the teams mix up when circumstances change, and we do 25's on the weekends. Interview: Dr. Hilarie Cash continued {WoW}

Sep 12th 2009 2:07PM Thanks, Mike, for a good interview. Unlike some, I appreciated you calling her on her unwillingness to actually play WoW or a similar mmo. I don't care if she doesn't like it, it is part of her job. She cannot say she is "studying" this topic w/o knowing all of the aspects. It's not the same as taking heroin to study drug addiction, either, because heroin has already been studied.

I absolutely agree that excessive gaming is a symptom, not a disease. People who game too much, smoke too much, drink too much, gamble too much, are self-medicating or doing something else to make their life more bearable. This is a topic close to my heart as my son was severely depressed and an excessive gamer for most of his school age years, to the point where I had to have him in a residential treatment center for a year. The problem was not WoW or any of the other console or mmo games, it was those issues he tried to use gaming to cope with. He is now going to his first year in college, spending the weekends at his girlfriend's place, and going back to playing BGs in WoW after a long self-imposed boredom hiatus. The treatments he received were for the depression and anxiety, not gaming addiction.

I also play WoW, as he introduced me to it. (I am the original gamer in the family.) I am coming off of a several week WoW vacation because of a family emergency in another state. I often take a week off of raiding just because I feel too tied down to it.

Which all reminds me - I am definitely of another generation and still love WoW. I am over 50 and know many other gamers over 60. That lady is mouthing some lame excuses for avoiding games.

/end rambling

Breakfast Topic: I hate {WoW}

Sep 12th 2009 1:36PM SpamMeNot addon will filter these out nicely, and autoreport once they build up momentum. Also, same for gold spam. Invaluable tool to make the game more pleasant.

WoW Moviewatch: How to win at PvP {WoW}

Sep 12th 2009 1:23PM Wonderful job. When I clicked on the video I groaned at the 7 min length, but I never got bored and laughed out load at almost every tip. Thanks!!!

WoW Moviewatch: How to win at PvP {WoW}

Sep 12th 2009 1:21PM Wonderful job. When I clicked on the video I groaned at the 7 min length, but I never got bored and laughed out load at almost every tip. Thanks!!!

Ready Check: General Vezax {WoW}

Aug 20th 2009 9:51PM needs to just hire you already. gj

Who plays what in the WoW movie? {WoW}

Aug 20th 2009 3:41PM Mila Jovovitch is the bomb. Perfect for this movie.

Officers' Quarters: The standby experience {WoW}

Aug 18th 2009 8:10PM Yeah, I'm old(er) too, and I don't feel the need to stereotype raiding styles by age. I love raiding every night. My son, who used to raid, got burned out on it and thinks I'm nuts. He forgets how it was when it was new and exiciting. Any blanket statement that characterizes a huge group is going to be useless to judge what's going on with an individual.

15 Minutes of Fame: Legendary appreciation for a job well done {WoW}

Jul 23rd 2009 4:51PM Our Raid Leader chose me to get the fragments when one dropped. What's funny is that that has been the only one, as we are mostly only able to field 10 man Uld. I realize that I probably will never get all 30 frags, at least not soon enough for it to make a difference in our raid effectiveness, so I have decided to pass the next one to another healer. At least we can share the fun of being able to link an orange item from our backpacks, and I love the idea of sharing that.

GLAAD fights homophobia in online communities like WoW {WoW}

Jul 21st 2009 6:48PM Then if so, why does trade chat keep referring to such and disparaging it? I have a similar problem with using gender as an insult, which meshes into the whole issue of gay as a pejorative. Why is p**sy an insult? Why is it shameful for someone to be a girl? I believe it is for the same reason they fear being perceived as gay - it might mean they are not a manly man - horrors!!!! We all know non-men are not fully human, right? At least you would think so when hanging around WoW, not to mention the rest of the internet.