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Hybrid Theory: Is it too much? {WoW}

Jun 1st 2008 5:19AM I will give a bit improved physical dps group setups:
Melee1: Warrior DPS/Retridin/Enchancement Shaman/Rogue/Rogue
Melee2: Feral DPS/Surv Hunter/Bm hunter/BM hunter/Resto Shaman
Rogues are good buff soakers, but does not give good buffs to other group members. This way they benefit most. Feral does not benefit from shaman, but hunters do benefit from crit bonus and also from healing from improved pack to keep pets up. Druid get buffed from BM hunters +3% x2 = +6% damage. And crit bonus from leader of pack does benefit whole raid through Survival Hunter. Resto Shaman? He do benefit group and raid(through survival hunter) with +agi totem.
This setup does not require lot of totem twisting, though group 1 would benefit from it.