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  • Rex Wesley Reyes
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Trick or Treat with TUAW: Thought Out Stabile iPad stand {}

Oct 29th 2010 12:00PM Stabile+iPad+TouchOSC+Ableton Live=1 happy music studio

Behold! My Mac mini media center {}

Jul 24th 2009 5:28PM One thing i'd add which has worked awesomely for me is Remote Buddy ( and a PS3 Bluetooth Remote. If you can applescript it, you can trigger it on your mac mini

Do your kids play with your iPhone? {}

Sep 4th 2008 5:16PM My daughter (20 months) is spoiled by the touch screen. She thinks every screen should react to her touch. Mostly i let her look at pictures at times like waiting on our food in a restaurant or waiting in lines. She also likes JirboMatch and of course watching Winnie the Pooh videos on long plane rides.

Web Development for iPhone {}

Jul 18th 2007 11:45AM maybe u guys should start a TUI(phone)W blog

WoW Moviewatch: Fun things to do with bots! {WoW}

Jul 31st 2006 12:43PM Cute, but why take him all the way to Felwood? There's lots of nice cliffs in Az to toss him over.

Nintendo DS Lite cracks on hinge {Joystiq}

Jul 17th 2006 12:40PM Damn you Joystiq, I was moving along in life happy and content, and then i see this article, check my DS lite, and of course i have the crack. Hmmm....$2 for superglue, or $50 and 2 weeks without my DS Lite...decisions, decsions.

Life as a Shadow Priest: Day One {WoW}

Jul 10th 2006 1:16PM The most fun i've had in WoW was my shadow priest on a pvp server...locks can be dificult, and paladins are annoying, but otherwise, 1 on 1, I could take anyone. My want for the epic priest staff however got the best of me, and i joined a guild so of course now i'm 26/25/0. My solution to pvp with this spec? I dont do it. Without silence and mind flay, i feel useless and end up trying to stay alive instead of actually taking out anyone.

SeisMac {}

Jul 6th 2006 12:49PM "Living in San Francisco is great; the weather is fantastic"

LOL...i just had guests from SF this weekend (i live in Santa Cruz), and one of them said to be as we where sitting in the sun. "I love the weather here. We get days like this only a few times a year."

DS Lite in PSP sleeve: gaming's Oreo {Joystiq}

Jun 22nd 2006 10:29AM I bought my DS lite while traveling, and almost did this (as i has my psp with me), but decided that the DS was much better suited to being without a case (close the lid and there's your screeen protection)