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Poll: How many 70s do you have? {WoW}

Jun 25th 2008 5:23PM Eight 70's here. One of every class but a priest (which a friend of mine plays, so I've used his occasionally), and a storage character. I'm effectively locked out of creating a priest if I actually want to create a Death Knight!

In general, I would just get a little tired of this or that aspect of my "current" class, and get mentally hyped about the possibilities for some other class. To some extent, I've done it just to demonstrate to myself that I can do it better than most of the other crappy players in the game. And then, having demonstrated that to myself, I fall back to my one or two favorites!

How mounts at level 30 may affect gameplay {WoW}

Jun 24th 2008 2:26PM Honestly, this is a major "who cares?" item. They've already done so much to ease the transition from 1 to 58 that this is really just icing on the cake. Money shouldn't be any issue at all; you can put up a stack of linen cloth for exorbitant prices on the auction hall, and people will buy it; any quantity of money that you could realistically be concerned with from 1-60 is trivial relative to what people have laying around at 70, and will throw at you for convenience.

Breakfast Topic: Is the game being dumbed down? {WoW}

Jun 24th 2008 11:31AM This kind of "dumbing down" is really no issue whatsoever. You've probably looked up the location of the quest objective on wowhead anyway; who cares if you can spot the little widget on the ground a few seconds earlier?

What's really dumbing down the game is things like flying mounts, that let you just ignore everything in the game world that doesn't particularly suit your fancy!

Breakfast Topic: What tank should I level? {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2008 2:13PM At present, warriors are the most difficult class to tank with, with the poorest AoE threat generation and a somewhat peculiar threat scaling model (i.e. not as much return from attack power as druids, and not as much return from spell damage as paladins).

However, I think it's quite fair to say that both druids and warriors will be getting some revision to their AoE threat capabilities, given how comparatively powerful paladins are in that department. Paladin tanks can hold aggro against full-on AoE damage, while warriors and druids can often barely hold aggro off of healers even under optimal circumstances. I can't imagine that Blizzard considers this to be an agreeable state of affairs. There's even some evidence that they'll be changing some long-standing aspects of NPC damage, like crushing blows.

So with inevitable changes to game mechanics on the horizon, I'd say it's pretty tough to make a decision on what's the best tanking class to start at this point in time.

Based on existing mechanics, I think druids are a great choice. The hybrid aspect is really starting to come into its own, offering a lot of flexibility between doing damage and tanking even in the same gearset. In fact, the real issue they face is that their itemization is so haphazard, either resulting in difficulty of getting appropriate tanking items, or in poor allocation of stats on those tanking items.