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Lackluster Lite launch in UK, Nintendo still committed to DS Phat {Joystiq}

Jun 28th 2006 10:28AM a) most of us who really wanted a DS Lite imported one, thanks to the release delay;
b) when I went to two local games shops to find a charger cable for my import Lite, I had to wander right to the back of the shop (even for the Lite!) past rows and rows of PSP games and UMDs to find a tiny Nintendo display;
and yet;
c) I have been trying to give my PSP some attention recently, but I simply don't find any titles that appeal. While I know plenty of guys who love their PSPs, I don't know any other girls who even own one.

WTB: Unofficial Guides, PST {WoW}

Jun 19th 2006 10:25AM djr - Nothing (though personally I'd use something like wget -r!). However, I wanted to evaluate the guides as provided. Guide A also included updates to the site, as opposed to the static nature of Guide B.

Breakfast Topic: Am I a ninja? {WoW}

Jun 14th 2006 8:40AM Indeed, standard rules vary from realm to realm. My main realm -- well, almost all the groups I've been in, as I can't speak for everyone! -- seems to use the Need/Pass system. Pass on BoP unless you need it. To be honest, I don't trust random PuGgers enough to give control of ML to someone who doesn't understand my class and what it needs. :)

Age of Conan wins big at E3 {Joystiq}

May 22nd 2006 3:47PM I saw a couple of guys at the Conan booth playing as women in their undies, so it does have female characters.

Sadly the booth babe setup and inflatable swords meant there was a permanent crowd at the Conan stand, and they didn't have time to give me a private walkthrough, so there hasn't been a Joystiq Impressions of the game yet.

Girls 'n' Games event: this news is so old {Joystiq}

May 20th 2006 10:37AM I used to play Halo a lot. I've logged more hours in multiplayer Halo 2 online than in any other game, my entire life; admittedly, I don't have ways to track the stuff I played as a kid/teenager.

I gave up playing a couple of months ago. A number of reasons. I couldn't commit the time that my competitive team needed -- running a clan, blogging for Joystiq, doing a degree all clashed with my other main goal, getting to level 60 in WoW ;) But fundamentally I was bored of the attitude I found in the game. In all my playing time I ran into other girls about five times in straight-up matchmaking. 90% of the rest of the matches I played involved trash-talking, cat-calling, teabagging and all the other things we've come to know and love about Halo. It was worse when I was a new player and would say "hi" in pregame lobby, only to be met with a ton of insults about my gender and nationality. I've heard attacks at people due to perceived race and religion too -- it's not just girls that suffer. But the key reason I got fed up with the game was the attitude of teams we played against competitively -- gamebattles matches, and the like -- who just couldn't accept losing to girls, and who couldn't win gracefully without calling us stupid fat w****s who should get back in the kitchen. Sigh. Matchmaking, I can understand; it's strangers. Scheduled clan-matches? No. When the ladders that support these clan matches don't take any action about behaviour like this, calling it normal, and calling us liars for exaggerating it -- then it's time to move on.

As for the other comments in this thread, yes, there is a slight contradiction between saying "girls like X so let's put it in our games" and "let's not design games for girls". However, adding extra features because they appeal to a wider demographic is separate from designing a game that has a pink box and is about ponies. Making a MMO that allows a huge amount of character customisation and role-play doesn't necessarily mean you have to make it about warrior princesses and god knows what else girls are supposed to like.

One of the coolest games out there that has a huge female population is Second Life. Was it designed "for girls"? I doubt it. It was designed as a virtual sandbox -- "you build it and they will come". Most of the female players I know liken it to The Sims. Most of the male players I know see it as a cheap 3D modelling tool, an easy way to develop games, a good source of cybersex and furry culture. Crazy stuff.

As for Nintendo. The controller and the name (perhaps) are key frontiers on which the Wii disassociates itself with previous generations of console gaming; but I know plenty of women who play things like SingStar on PS2, dance games, Guitar Hero, etc. I'm part of a thriving community of women on the Xbox. And I've already mentioned PC games. Not to mention casual games on mobile phones and the desktop/XBLA, both of which are frequently cited as female-friendly (they weren't designed to appeal to women specifically, yet draw in a huge female audience).

Nintendo isn't the only platform pushing the envelope in terms of gender appeal, and y'know what? When I first picked up a Wii controller, I felt awkward. Sure, that passed after I lost a couple of rounds of tennis, but that "feeling awkward with the controls" moment is something few women I have played with ever get past. It's the reason two of my closest friends love Singstar and dance mats, but won't play Halo. Still, the novelty of the controller and the variety expressed in the Wii's games lineup are two strong assets -- but the push for women to play games is healthy on all platforms and consoles, not just Nintendo.

Advice for wannabe game developers {Joystiq}

May 19th 2006 3:07PM In my mind, bedroom coders and small companies are separate concepts; one person coding up a small game in their spare time as opposed to a group of people with legal and financial responsibilities trying to build a solid business. Hobbyists don't make it big in anywhere near the way they used to in the eighties, for example, hence my use of the word "mostly" in the post. Since my post gives examples of where one-man coding operations do thrive, I don't think I'm being misleading -- the days of bedroom coders making titles that become mainstream are pretty much relegated to the past IMO.

Busted: Meet the Joystiq E3 crew {Joystiq}

May 15th 2006 4:07PM Bah, clearly burning my copies of this photo wasn't enough for it to get on teh internetz0r. Yeah, that's me, not Sarah in there.

E3 vox populi {WoW}

May 13th 2006 3:23PM Blizzard did say at E3 they were working on multiple games. But no hints about what they were. Of course, we can guess :)

NCsoft's E3 booth tour {Joystiq}

May 13th 2006 3:12PM #1 -

#3 - It's kind of hard to see but she's wearing a beige coloured top.

The Question on Everyone's Mind... {WoW}

May 12th 2006 8:00PM The Draenei dances weren't finalised, but they were definitely weird. :)